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Amey Consulting: Reps Elections Reminder

22 November 2012

Reminder of Intention to hold elections for Union Representatives within Amey Consulting Rail, If we fill every vacancy then we can make more of a difference for you and your colleagues. LetÂ’s ensure every vacancy is filled!


What difference can I make?

We outlined in our last circular the process of the elections but it is also important to remember what your representatives have achieved just in the last few years and why having a full complement of representatives can help us achieve far more.

Since 2009 there have been many issues which your reps with your support have fought and won on for your benefit:

  • Achieving an additional pay rise for the X Atkins staff who didn’t receive a pay rise in 2009
  • Reducing the number of redundancies planned for staff and ensuring those who wanted to leave got the best deal possible
  • Stopping a Freeze to Pensionable pay for those in the Railway Pensions scheme
  • Widening out the coverage of collective bargaining so that TSSA members can be dealt with more fairly and Equally and the Idea that Staff should be Valued by Amey can become something real and tangible

Whilst we can always strive to improve on what can and will be achieved this is impossible without members willing to stand forward and represent their fellow workmates and colleagues. The above has been achieved with a relatively small number of representatives but with the new agreement we have the opportunity of having 1 representative per 50 staff in each hub area and this is not an opportunity to be missed, just think what we can achieve with more reps, Your members need You!

If you’ve considered standing from 26 November but are still unsure, then

  • read our Question and answers brief via our website following the instructions below but clicking on the circular headed Reps Elections Reminder
  • speak to a rep currently in place or email
  • call the helpdesk on 0800 328 2673
  • Contact Alan Valentine on

If you can’t find the last circular with the nomination form and the relevant extracts from the agreement then visit the TSSA website on then click: ‘your union’-> ‘your company’ -> ‘Amey’ and access the circular from 8 November

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