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Amey Consulting: Reps Elections Update

2 January 2013

Update on Nomination period for Amey Consulting


Election meetings

As per our previous communications we had hoped to run meetings to explain the process of elections and why it is so important. Unfortunately in 4 of the 6 hub areas we haven’t been able to do this and so we will be extending the nomination period until 25 January 2013. This will be for the Hub Areas of Manchester/North West, York, Birmingham, and Swindon/Bristol. This will hopefully allow us to attend team briefs where possible and set up further meetings in the New Year. If we are then unable to fill all vacancies they will have to remain vacant and filled on a first come first served basis within the 2 year term until February 2015. In the interim any reps in these areas will continue in their duties until the elections are resolved.

Representatives Elected

Where meeting with members have taken place ie Scotland & Crawley/South East we have been able to meet with members and therefore the nominations stand for those 2 areas. In both areas there won’t be any postal elections as there were either less than or equal candidates for the vacancies as follows:

Scotland = 1 Nomination:

William Murray – Elected Unopposed

1 Vacancy – no nominations received within the relevant period

Crawley/South East = 3 Nominations:

Shamus Callaghan – Elected Unopposed

James McKinney - Elected Unopposed

Colin Savage - Elected Unopposed

How can I help?

If you are aware of a Team Brief or staff meeting happening between now and 25 January 2013 then please contact Alan Valentine on or 07775 912 829

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