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Amey Dispute Update

22 July 2011

Following successful strike and industrial action TSSA has made a real impact by members standing together for their rights but more needs to be done.


Building pressure on all sides

TSSA has been forced to take the step of industrial action as a result of Amey refusing to broker a deal that could have prevented it. Indeed the fact that we chose to work with Amey by putting back the originally proposed strike action has seen them have more time to bring in Contract labour. TSSA wonder if this was the only reason that they agreed to an extension on our window of time for Industrial Action and why talks did not progress.

Unfortunately this lack of trust in how Amey goes about its industrial relations or ‘employee engagement’ is why we are where we are. Amey generally does all it can to keep the trade unions at arms length and continually fail to deal with issues that arise. Only by TSSA members standing together and making a difference can we change their attitudes and have a meaningful relationship going forward.

Of course Amey’s style and approach is blatantly at odds with its own parent company’s (Ferrovial) Corporate Responsibility statements. This is why we have taken the decision to go Global with our campaign and exert pressure on Ferrrovial to encourage Amey to see sense. If you haven’t seen it already then visit and send a message to Ferrovial demanding your rights, please also share this with friends and family and get them to play their part too.

TSSA have given the company the opportunity to return to talks and have told them that we are prepared to open a dialogue yet they have failed to respond to our requests.


It is now more important than ever to stand together in this dispute there is currently an overtime ban running and we would ask members to support this by only working their contracted hours and refusing to have unreasonable changes to their roster imposed.

In Amey Consulting there is also a withdrawal of on call duties and this must also be supported to make effect.

Remember with every contractor that is brought in to work there is an increased cost to Amey, they are the ones allowing this situation to occur because whilst Ferrovial state in their responses to our email campaign that:

"Ferrovial hopes that the parties can resolve their differences through further dialogue."

Amey Have yet to respond to our requests for further talks!

Needless to say if they fail to respond the pressure on them will only increase!

Why are we doing this again?

Your union’s strength and ability to achieve good pay awards and protect terms and conditions relies upon having a strong membership, if there is only one voice it is far easier to ignore than a chorus of voices!

Amey have sought to dilute our strength over a number of years by displaying the myth that Amey contract holders were not covered by collective bargaining.

Whilst Jenifer Richmond (HR Director Amey Consulting) sent out an email on 15 July stating that:

“Where the union have provided evidence to us of collective bargaining agreements supported by the legislation, we have readily agreed to include the relevant parties under collective bargaining.”

They failed to take notice of the attached agreement we produced during the ACAS talks, the agreement made in 2007 clearly shows that anyone signing a harmonised Amey contract within the Owen Williams business stream or what is now Amey Consulting would be covered by collective bargaining. Again Amey have not held their part of the bargain, which is why we need to take such a strong stance and secure what is rightfully yours.

For all of you who think that the pay offer and collective bargaining are separate issues, think again. By diluting the collective bargaining pot in this way Amey think it is fine to pay Senior Managers a 20% bonus whilst the rest of you receive 1% imposed.

They think it is fine to try and confuse the issues and divide people by offering small tit bits to the 2011-pay offer in the hope that you forget about:

· the inequalities between Amey Contract holders and non Amey Contract holders

· the well below inflation offer being made

· higher pay offers made elsewhere in the industry

· the record profits of £100milion that Amey made in 2010

Let’s not forget that you have made a difference in standing together against the injustices that the company has imposed. Make us stronger recruit a colleague today and get them to join TSSA.

  owen williams agreementclick here to view Owen Williams Agreement


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