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Amey: Dispute Update

15 July 2011

So Far Industrial action is still planned for today from 2pm, if you know of non-members who wish to take part get them to join TSSA today


There is a lot of confusion circulating around the rational for industrial action that TSSA is planning so I am writing to both update and further explain our position.

TSSA has constantly pushed the company to improve on its pay offer and the offer in its current form has only been on the table for around 1 week. Yet talks have been on going for over 16 months, a lot has changed in that time particularly in the last month due to your resolve to provide TSSA with a mandate for industrial action.

The company has refused to move on April 2010’s offer but this is not for lack of TSSA trying to alter this position. In March before we entered our 2011 pay claim we gave all members of TSSA the opportunity to tell us what they wanted from that pay claim and asked if members if they wanted collective bargaining. 70% of those that responded told us that they did.

In April to May 2011 all members of TSSA within Amey were balloted for industrial action on the basis of both 2010 pay AND widening out collective bargaining as a result of feedback received from members.


These negotiations have been a long drawn out affair and I like you would like to see the matter settled but we cannot crumble at the very brink of the precipice.

TSSA Assistant General Secretary - Manuel Cortes, contacted the company on the morning of Thursday 14 July to seek movement on the current position and was told that the company representative was unavailable until 2pm. On discussing the matter further after 2pm the company agreed to take his suggestions away to the Amey Group board, TSSA was not contacted back until this morning and there has been no further movement as yet.

Despite us thinking that the pay offer is not enough for our hard working members especially given the disparity of pay between those at the top and those at the bottom. We are prepared to run a referendum ballot of our members to get their views ONCE we move forward on the collective bargaining issues. However if our members are forced to take industrial action to achieve this then we will be pushing for greater increases in pay!

TSSA has chosen not to disclose this information previously but we have been in possession of information suggesting that a Senior Director of Amey Consulting received a £20,000 pay increase in 2009. This increase amounted to a 16.00% increase in that year far more than the 2% that most employees received that year. I’m sure that you can agree the time for fairness and parity is now!

We cannot be blind to what may come around the corner according to Amey’s figures currently only 33% of staff in Amey Consulting are covered by collective bargaining and if things continue that way then this number will dwindle until there is no ability to bargain for anyone.

In Amey Inter Urban there is over 60% coverage of staff in collective bargaining and with the strength of both TSSA and RMT we fail to see why the company cannot move on its position regarding widening out collective bargaining.

Now is the time to get these movements and protect a larger group of member’s terms and conditions before any ability to effectively bargain is gone.

Action Now

I hope that you can understand where we are at present and if the company choose not to engage and seek headway at the negotiating table that you will support our action, we cannot allow our members to be intimidated and bullied any longer. We have carried out various surveys, and ballots all of them indicating that things have to change with this offer as a whole please support your fellow colleagues and trade union members in ensure that this action is well supported if it goes ahead.

Remember you can still join TSSA and take part in the action I would recommend that you fill in the relevant application form, once completed, keep a photocopy and post the original. In that way you can prove that you are a TSSA member and have a legal right to take part in the action.

In Amey Consulting this will consist of discontinuous strike action commencing from 2pm on Friday 15 July 2011 and ending at 11am on Monday 18 July 2011. There will also be a continuous overtime ban and a continuous withdrawal of on call duties from 2pm on Friday 15 July 2011.

In Amey Inter Urban there will be a continuous overtime ban starting from 2pm on Friday 15 July 2011.

ALSO do not forget to visit  and send a message to Ferrovial asking for Amey to meet their corporate responsibilities.


Kind regards

Alan Valentine

Senior Regional Organiser

Western Region

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