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Amey: Dispute Update

18 August 2011

ACAS Talks continue, industrial action still planned from 2pm Friday 19 August

 ACAS talks

Talks between Amey and TSSA took place yesterday under the auspices of ACAS. As yet there are no firm proposals on the table but if the company take on board comments made by TSSA then some headway may be possible, only time will tell how serious the company are about settling this dispute in a timely fashion before further industrial action is taken.

TSSA representatives had been prepared to stay in Oxford for the remainder of the afternoon and evening yesterday if needed and the last joint meeting adjourned around 14:30. Representatives from the company advised that they would meet back at 15:30 but unfortunately they telephoned the ACAS official and advised that they needed more time to consider the counter proposals we had put to them. Therefore rather than continue talks that day they wanted to schedule a further meeting with TSSA today Thursday 18 August, in the afternoon. Unfortunately this leaves little time to seek resolution before the planned industrial action from 2pm Friday 19 August.

Strike Action

Whilst the company played down how much effect previous action had impacted the company it was very clear that disruption had been caused.

Whilst we hope that the company use today’s talks to come up with some sensible propositions, given past history we cannot rely on this to happen.

Future action is now planned over the same weekend, as the RMT union so the company can either choose to come up with sensible proposals or have this action go ahead, it is in their gift to seek to settle this dispute.

For those members in Amey Consulting who are mandated to strike from 2pm Friday 19 August at 2pm this action consists of withdrawal of ALL work including all on call work, rostered and un-rostered work, overtime etc up to and including 11am on Monday 22 August.

For those members in Amey Inter Urban who are mandated to carry out an overtime ban from 2pm Friday 19 August which will prevent members from working any overtime up to and including 11am Monday 22 August.

Until you hear otherwise this action is still going ahead and must be supported.

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