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Amey: Dispute Update

19 August 2011

Industrial action suspended to allow further talks to continue on Pay and collective bargaining

 ACAS talks

Further talks took place between Amey and TSSA yesterday in Birmingham under the auspices of ACAS. Unfortunately we could not reach agreement yesterday.

We did manage to persuade the company to reinstate the previous pay offer and increase the underpin from £700 to £865.

Unfortunately we still weren’t at a place of agreement on a framework that would allow TSSA to increase the number of staff covered by collective bargaining. As all members of TSSA whether covered by Collective bargaining or not were balloted for industrial action on the basis of both Pay and Collective bargaining we need to have an acceptable offer on both issues before we can progress.

However, we recognised that there has been some movement from the company. Therefore as long as Amey assured us that the pay offer would remain on the table and couldn’t be withdrawn under any circumstances then we were prepared to suspend Industrial action and continue talks after the companies representative returns from annual leave on 31 August.

These assurances have now been received from the company and therefore Industrial action has been suspended until 2 September to allow talks to progress.

Collective bargaining talks

Whilst talks aren’t concluded we are of the belief that both TSSA and RMT have enough membership within Amey Interurban to justify the widening out of collective bargaining whilst respecting the traditional areas of representation for both unions. The issues are around what groups of staff could be covered by collective bargaining and getting agreement from the company on what basis any extension can be achieved.

Within Amey Consulting there are similar issues around identifying which groups of staff should be covered by any extension of collective bargaining, and also on what basis any extension can be achieved.

Whilst we must stress that talks are still ongoing the companies current stand point is that their ideal method of assessing if Amey staff want collective bargaining would be on the basis of a membership check and TSSA proving a high density of membership.

Whatever is agreed if the company continue to stick to their principal that widening out the groups covered by collective bargaining would be done on the basis of a membership check then it is unlikely that we would currently meet the current criteria being proposed by the company.

Therefore if you are:

  • Currently covered by collective bargaining and you want to ensure that your collective strength to achieve decent pay offers and protect terms and conditions is future proofed
  • Not currently covered by collective bargaining and want to ensure that at the very least in the future that you are treated on an equal footing with other staff

They can do this by filling in the relevant membership form available online.

It is clear that by standing together we have made progress. Whilst we aren’t at the point of putting any offers out to members if we can achieve these changes with the current number of members just think what we can achieve with a larger number of members and a larger number of people covered by collective bargaining.

We will update members following further talks.

Then you need to encourage fellow staff, who aren’t currently members, to join a trade union. 

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