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Amey: Final Pay Offer

2 November 2012

Updates from latest Pay Talks, final offer for Members consideration, have your say and vote in our online referendum. Apologies for the delay in you receiving feedback but it has taken time to iron out some of the detail of the agreement.


Final Pay offer

Year 1 = 3% backdated to 1 March 2012

Year 2 = 2.5% or Amey Group Pay pot whichever is greater from 1 March 2013

Permanent change to the Anniversary date from 1 April to 1 March

Specific Allowances increased in line with the above headline figures as per the 2008 Pay Agreement (London Allowance, Lodging Allowance, Test Section Mobility Clause, On Call, SCMI)

Those that have left Amey after the relevant anniversary date to receive the relevant pay increase up to the date of leaving.

All those currently covered by Collective Bargaining and those who will have it extended as a result of this offer will be included in the above pay increases.

Apprentices, Trainees and Graduates will also be party to the pay increase and if they are subject to an incremental increase in pay then those increments will also increase in line with the headline figures.

Allowances – A Joint working party to be established to review all allowances, seeking to standardise, harmonise and consolidate where appropriate. Where possible any review should then also link to the salary review process. The company have agreed to provide information to the Trade Unions before end of 2012 and the working party with representatives from both TSSA and RMT will report back on the scope of the review and timescales by 1 March 2013.

Collective Bargaining - The following groups will be included for the purposes of this agreement:

Amey Consulting Rail = Bands A-C + Band D’s who retained Collective bargaining from the days of Owen Williams, as per the TSSA Dispute resolution 2011.

Amey Inter Urban Rail = All Bands A-C working directly within rail including those previously on Personal contracts (except those who choose to opt out). Future pay talks will be held early and all new staff starting work within Rail will be covered by collective bargaining within the appropriate grades without being given an opt out.

Have Your Say

Your efforts have made all the difference in enabling those that have negotiated on your behalf being able to secure a much improved offer from the original 1.75% that was on offer for 1 year. Your determination and patience has shown the company that you should be valued and dealt with in a fair and even hand way. Whilst the discussions on 2 October were positive it has taken some time to work out the wording of the offer and ensure everything discussed was captured in the final document and that we had an acceptable response for Apprentices, Graduates and Trainees, so thank you for your patience. Unfortunately the company were not prepared to widen collective bargaining for those groups who carry out functions for rail but work in areas such as Commercial and HSEA. However it is recognised by your reps that talks have run their course and this is the best deal that can be achieved at present.

Your representatives are recommending the above deal but ultimately it is for you to vote and say if you are happy to accept the offer or not. The company has advised that if the response is positive then they will need to know by Monday 12 November 2012 to meet the payroll cut-off date. As there is a very short timescale we are running an online referendum to gather your opinions quickly so please visit the site below today and vote to accept or reject the offer before 9am Monday 12 November 2012:

For those not currently covered by collective bargaining there may be a delay in you receiving payments as the company wish to run a one-time ‘opt out’ where individuals have the option of opting out of the Collective bargaining group, those people who choose to Opt out will not receive any of the pay increases in the above offer.

If you receive this circular via email and are aware of fellow TSSA members who receive their circulars via post please pass this onto them so that they can have their say online, only TSSA members will have a vote.

We need you now and in the future

What has enabled us to achieve success in these negotiations has not only been the hard work and dedication from your representatives but also members providing feedback to the reps; but there are vacancies across Amey Consulting Rail which we need to fill to ensure that your voice in strengthened. If you are interested in representing your fellow members and receiving training to enable you to make a difference then please email us at:


These positions will need to be filled to ensure that collective bargaining works for all of our members so please seriously consider standing forward as a representative. For those within Amey Consulting we will be writing out shortly with details on an election process.

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