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Amey Fit for the Future Update

26 October 2016

Amey have confirmed that their staff cuts exercise has now concluded, with enough employees leaving through voluntary redundancy to avoid compulsory redundancies.

 Download our circular here:   Fit for the Future Update Circular

Management’s original proposals offered worse terms than redundancy payments set out in some contracts, with caps on payments and a maximum of twelve months pay.

Our Reps negotiated significant improvements to voluntary redundancy payments, making them attractive enough to satisfy management’s targets to reduce the risk of compulsory redundancy for those who want to stay with the business.

Safe from the axe but are you safe at work?

Our Reps have not received satisfactory assurances that workloads under the reduced staff structures will be manageable. In some areas workbanks are set to increase, with fewer staff required to complete a greater number of tasks. Reorganisations have been poorly consulted with members and Reps, leading to uncertainty and confusion in many cases, where roles don’t have clear reporting lines, accountabilities or even job descriptions.

Each of these scenarios can lead to increasing stress, declining productivity and damaging effects on teams and individuals’ health, safety and wellbeing. Line managers have already reported situations of confusion and crisis, being expected to deliver more with less.

Working together

To be able to work together to resolve these issues we need all staff in Bands A-C to join a recognised union. If you see workmates struggling, the most practical support you can offer is to encourage them to join our union and work together for dignity at work. Your colleagues can join online today at

Our Reps are pushing for a joint review of organisation structures and company commitments to monitor and increase staff numbers where new workloads are found to be unmanageable. Contact your TSSA Reps to raise any concerns or share evidence of issues so that we can resolve them before they become critical.

Calling time on contractors!

Throughout consultation with management our Reps have sought commitments that contractors and agency staff will be cut before employees. Casual labour threatens your negotiated terms and conditions by promising to do more for less, threatening your safety at work by cutting corners and focussing on numbers not quality.

Amey have assured us that they are committed to “self-delivery” as a principle but we need you to speak to our Reps where you see evidence of sub-contractors working where skills are available internally so that we can improve job security for our members.

If it’s not safe – don’t do it! If it’s a close call - close call it!

Members report that they don’t have faith in the close call procedures because management either don’t take close calls seriously or worse, target those who raise close calls!

As safety risks increase we need a commitment from every member to report close calls when they occur so that swift action can be taken to reduce risks. Our Health, Safety and Welfare Representatives are putting pressure on Amey to share information on close calls as they are raised and addressed to make sure that your concerns are taken seriously.

Our union will not tolerate victimisation of members who speak out about health and safety at work. If you feel pressured for raising a close call, speak to your Rep or the Members’ Helpdesk immediately.

Now’s the time to get active in our union!

For information on Amey TSSA Reps and news, visit

We have vacancies for TSSA Reps at all levels. If you are interested in playing a more active role to give practical support to your colleagues, contact to find out about nominations, training and support for our Union Representatives.

In these testing times, please look out for your colleagues’ wellbeing. Help remind your team mates that they can join our union and benefit from guidance and support.

Please share this circular and make sure there are copies on workplace noticeboards.

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