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Amey: General update for members

13 December 2012

There are a number of on-going issues currently within Amey, this circular seeks to highlight these and provide an update where possible. If members feel there are other important issues then please contact your local rep or email



Your representatives have received reports that some of you either haven’t received the collectively bargained pay rise for this year of 3% or have had letters stating that you will receive 1.75%.

We have received assurances from HR that these issues will be rectified but if you believe that you should be covered by collective bargaining and have not received the correct pay increase but have not raised this issue with anyone yet it would be wise to address this with your line management and One HR via email or in writing in the first instance. If you still do not reach a satisfactory answer then please contact your local representative or email with information.

Collective bargaining and Opt out Letter

As covered in the previous circulars around the 2012 pay agreement TSSA was successful in winning the argument that further groups of staff within Amey Inter Urban rail bands A-C should be covered by collective bargaining. Unfortunately the company was not prepared to extend collective bargaining to those in support functions like HSEA even where they predominantly work within Rail in both Consulting and Inter Urban.

For those previously on personal contracts you now have the opportunity to be covered you will soon receive a letter asking if you wish to Opt out of collective bargaining. It is important to state that if you decide to Opt out you will not be party to this or any future years Pay agreements negotiated by the Trade Unions and will never again be able to be covered by collective bargaining whilst you work for Amey. Collective bargaining is also important in other circumstances such as TUPE, Redundancies, Reorganisations, Pensions etc; Trade Unions exist to fight the Employees corner and unlike the company that you work for are solely interested in championing your views. We are currently waiting for HR to agree on the wording of the letters to go to staff and will try and update when we are advised that these letters are going out.


At the end of October Amey gave a brief overview of their plans to move staff from Amey Inter Urban into Consulting. Although we have not had any formal meetings regarding these changes we have been advised by HR that this is a simple line management change. What was Inter Urban will now report to Andy Milner within Amey Consulting but with a new head of (Operational) Rail, Lee Jones.

We have of course asked if there are any further changes that will impact on members covered by collective bargaining and have been told that there are none planned at present, if this situation changes we will keep you updated.


Following the reorganisation we have become aware that the HSEA team is affected and job cuts have happened rapidly. Because the company previously refused to widen collective bargaining to support functions we are not currently in a position to bargain for this group although we can represent individuals affected by this situation as long as they are members before the issue occurred.

However these changes could potentially impact on all of our members within collective bargaining and have an impact on your health & Safety and as we have not been consulted in advance of these changes we are concerned that:

a) We have no insight into how these changes will impact on members

b) We have not been able to challenge any of the changes

c) As this is a major change to the way Amey deals with Health & Safety it potentially breaches Health & Safety law on consulting Trade unions on large changes to working practices

d) Your health and Safety may be at risk with the same amount of work and less Health and Safety staff to deal with this work

Handheld Devices CEFA

Both members and representatives have raised concerns regarding the use of handheld devices for examinations on the Civil Engineering Framework Agreement. The new devices are to be used by examiners to send reports electronically during an examination. TSSA understands that new technology can be introduced to make work more effective but despite requests to see a simple risk assessment of the new devices to ensure that risks arising from their use are minimised nothing has been provided. We also have concerns on the ability to monitor individuals and the effects that these have on you human rights. Examiners have also advised that various components of the handheld are not adequate to carry out the job such as the camera etc which mean that they need to carry much more than just the handheld near track, concerns that use of the device may be unsafe seem to have been largely ignored by the company. We hope to have further meaningful dialogue with the company in the New Year.

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