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Amey: Industrial Action

24 June 2011

I'm writing to update you on the latest position on Pay from our meeting on 21 June 2011, and inform you of the upcoming industrial action.

 Company say YOU don’t want Collective Bargaining

 Various elements of our pay claim were discussed at this meeting including our desire to widen out collective bargaining. This is so that everyone can benefit from having their terms & conditions such as Pay negotiated on a group basis. This has advantages such as everyone receiving the same pay rises rather than differing amounts depending on where you work or how well you are deemed to have performed. Despite us making it clear that 70% of YOU who responded to our pay survey wanted to widen the extent of collective bargaining, the company made it sound as if waves of people were approaching them to tell them they don’t want it! There was no movement from the company on this point.

Changes to the offer

 As it stands the last offer made to us by the company which was reported to us on 22 June was as follows:


  • No movement to the 1% previously offered to those covered by collective bargaining, which has already been imposed
  • 2% backdated to 1 April 2010 for all X-Atkins Staff who Tupe’d into the company for the CEFA contract in 2009, this now includes some X-Mouchel and X-Jarvis staff. (This has increased by 1% since the last offer)


  • An additional 0.5% backdated to 31 March 2011 for all those covered by collective bargaining
  • 2% backdated to 1 April 2011 for all of those covered by collective bargaining.

The additional elements above and beyond the 1% for 2010 and 2% for 2011 were offered on the condition that TSSA recommended acceptance of this offer and for reps to actively promote this deal to members.

Can TSSA recommend it to members?

The short answer is NO, having taken a consensus view from the reps they couldn’t in all honestly go to members and recommend acceptance.

In terms of the overall dispute that YOU were balloted on the main issues of 2010 pay and collective bargaining expansion are still unresolved.

In the Joint Venture there are still issues around the differential between those in Colas that Amey staff work alongside who received 1.5% in 2010, 0.5% backdated to 1 January 2011, and 2% From April 2011.

In CEFA the additional element for the X-Atkins group has always been offered on condition of the overall offer being accepted and the feedback is that this group doesn’t want to be used as a bargaining chip for the rest of the group.

The offer for 2011 does not recognise the below inflation increase that would ultimately cause a pay cut in real terms for members with the Retail Prices Index currently sitting at 5.2%, and lets not forget those 20% Senior management Bonuses!

What can I do about it

 Ultimately YOU have the power to make the company tackle the issues of our dispute, as always we are willing to sit around the table and get to a negotiated position. Whilst the company has moved their position by offering additional elements within this year, we believe that they could move more to meet YOUR demands.

Today we have notified the company of our intention to start action from Friday 1 July 2011

In Amey Consulting this will consist of discontinuous strike action commencing from 2pm on Friday 1 July 2011 and ending at 11am on Monday 4 July 2011In both Amey Consulting and Amey Inter Urban we are commencing a continuous Overtime ban from 5am on Friday 1 July 2011.

 YOU must be prepared to have the courage of your convictions and fight for what is right make sure you follow the overtime ban and if you’re in Amey Consulting leave work at 2pm on Friday and form a picket line outside your place of work.

If you have colleagues who are not union members then they will not be able to take part in this action, but they can join anytime up to and including the time the action starts to be able to take part. We would recommend that you encourage colleagues who are non-members to join as soon as possible and keep a photo copy of their application form as proof of membership or ensure that their rep receives the form in advance of 1 July, that way they are protected.

TSSA’s membership has already increased in both Amey Consulting and Amey Inter Urban as a result of taking this action so we must be doing something right it’s not too late to join!

 Together we Bargain divided we Beg!

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