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Amey: Industrial Action

30 June 2011

Industrial Action is still on!

  Concentration of minds

Since TSSA announced it’s intention to take industrial action, talks have been taking place between TSSA and Amey with TSSA seeking to reach a truly fair pay offer for all. The notice of Industrial action has certainly concentrated minds and telephone negotiations have been ongoing.

Whilst concessions have been made the over all pay package hasn’t been improved enough for us to recommend it to members. The only way that we could be in a position to do this would be if the company agreed to the ‘principal’ of widening out collective bargaining. This would allow everyone in the effected groups to be dealt with consistently and fairly across the board going forward.

We were close to postponing strike action and putting out the offer to members for them to decide if the overall package was good enough. We still had concerns about what was on the table but we felt sure that with some actual firm guarantee that the company would commit to the principal of extending the current agreements that this was a good enough compromise.

Unfortunately the company would only agree to talks with no firm assurances around collective bargaining and we know where that leads…. Just more talks!

Remember we’re now 15 Months on from when we submitted our 2010 Pay claim. Many of you have accepted changes to your Pensions in the interim, you’ve seen colleagues depart the business on redundancy, (or just because they needed to get out!) this has put more pressure on you as workloads increase and the work gets harder. Overall these changes aren’t easy to accept!

TSSA representatives are fed up of not being taken seriously in negotiations and Amey dragging there heals because your employer thinks YOU won’t act.

 NOW is the time to stand up and be counted, this is now about more than just Pay and the right to bargain, this is about RESPECT


Throughout the talks we’ve tried to meet the company half way and suggested getting ACAS (Advisory Conciliation and arbitrary service) involved in emergency talks. We’ve suggested various concessions around the pay elements and whilst the company has moved the overall pay offer was still not as we would like. Having the ability to negotiate on Pay across the board in the future could have been an acceptable way of us moving forward. Whilst they are saying the door isn’t shut on these talks we wouldn’t be on the brink of industrial action if talks alone were enough to get to an amicable settlement!

Throughout this latest round of talks the company has persisted in saying to us that we are being undemocratic in not putting out the offer to members in a referendum ballot.

Let’s remember YOUR elected reps constantly feed into the negotiations from the feedback they receive from YOU and TSSA have a job to do in negotiations, which is to get the best offer on the table before we put that offer out to YOU to have the final say.

As a compromise we offered having an independent democratic ballot on the issue of collective bargaining to get YOUR views - the company wouldn’t agree despite Ferrovial corporate policy being to:

"guarantees workers’ rights such as the right to strike, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining by appointed workers’ representatives and unions. "


  The offer overall simply isn’t good enough but was as follows:

    • 2010 - 1% From April 2010 (No movement since last offer)
    • 2010 - additional 2% backdated to 1 April 2010 for all X-Atkins Staff who transferred into Amey in 2009, including some X-Mouchel staff who received 0% in 2009. (No movement since last offer)
    • 2011 -  1% backdated to 1 January 2011 for all those covered by collective bargaining. (Increased by 0.5% and moved to an earlier date)
    • 2011 -  1.5% backdated to 1 April 2011 for all of those covered by collective bargaining. (Decreased by 0.5% to increase the January 2011 amount)
    • 2011 –  additional 0.5% backdated to 1 April 2011 for those working in the joint venture (Additional element added to offer)
     The company is also offering:
  • London and South East Allowances increased in-line with above increases
  • Extension to our window for taking industrial action by a further 2 weeks
  • Continued commitment to talks around extending collective bargaining with agreement to involve the independent Government body ACAS (Advisory Conciliation and arbitrary service) to facilitate talks.

The company has threatened that they will withdraw the 2% for the X-Atkins & Mouchell group, the 1% from January 2011 and the 0.5% for those in the joint venture if industrial action takes place.

AMEY have had the option of agreeing to our bottom line either they agree to the principal of working with TSSA and the other unions to collectively bargain terms and conditions for all or they don’t want to work with us and YOU at all!

They need to be Honest with us and YOU about what they really want!

Is the offer acceptable?

We are still of the opinion that the offer doesn’t reach YOUR expectations:

  • the 2010 pay has not been increased and backdated
  • The overall below Inflation increases (3.5% over 2 years equates to around a 6% pay cut in real terms)
  • The overall offer cannot truly be described as Fair

Yet despite this TSSA have advised the company that we were willing to stand down on industrial action if they agreed to the ‘principal’ of widening out collective bargaining. We would then have carried out a referendum ballot and let you tell us if the offer was good enough. All we need is for there to be an assurance that the Company are TRULY committed to working with TSSA in the future for the benefit of all! Is that too much to ask? – We think not!

 What we want

Ultimately TSSA stand for:

  • Respect and dignity at work
  • Fair Pay for all
  • Everyone in Amey Consulting collectively bargained for by TSSA (unless they have contractual rights to collective bargaining by another trade union)
  • Everyone in Amey Inter Urban collectively bargained for by TSSA & RMT
  • All new members of staff to be given contracts which are covered by collective bargaining from day one and the cessation of Personal contracts.

We need to make a Stand!

We need a strong message to go out to the company that they need to work with us not against us!

Members employed by Amey Consulting should cease work at 14:00 hours on Friday 01 July 2011 until 11:00 hours on Monday 04 July.

Members should refuse to work any overtime from 05:00 hours on Friday 01 July until further notice. This means that you should only work those hours specified in your contract of employment.

Members employed by Amey Inter-urban (Rail) should refuse to work any overtime from 05:00 hours on Friday 01 July until further notice.

 Not a member? – Then to make a stand you need to join, application forms can be found on our website.

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