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Amey January 2017 Update

26 January 2017

A New Year overview of issues and updates from your TSSA Reps

 Download out circular here   January 2017 Amey Update Circular

Time to Grow!

Have you seen our new two-minute Time to Grow video yet? Please share the link with your colleagues and via social media to support your efforts to build a stronger union.

2017 Pay talks to reopen if increasing inflation continues

In 2015 we agreed a three year pay deal of RPI + 1%, capped at 3%. The agreement provides for negotiations to resume if January RPI rises above 2%. The figure will not be published until mid-February but as RPI stands at 2.5% and has been rising since October our Reps expect to return to the negotiating table in February. For a reminder of the current deal visit

Demand a better deal for Holiday Pay!

Following a European Court judgement ruling that UK employers must include allowances in holiday pay, our union was involved in talks with other Trade Unions and the company to negotiate an Amey wide policy. We anticipated that this would include overtime pay and other valuable benefits. While we have successfully negotiated reasonable deals with many Rail employers, Amey have recently announced that they are imposing a policy that was not negotiated and fails to recognise overtime enhancements, hiding behind a claim that there is “significant legal uncertainty surrounding the method by which holiday payments should be calculated”. An ACAS guide explains any uncertainty around voluntary overtime:

“The question of voluntary overtime has not been directly considered by any recent judgments, so there is currently no definitive case law to suggest that voluntary overtime needs to be taken into account when calculating holiday pay.” (

We are working with other recognised unions to demand that the company resume meaningful talks as a matter of urgency.

Pensions: Two tier DC changes imposed, confusion reigns!

Our Reps had to fight for details of Amey’s proposals to change pension providers for members in defined contribution (DC) schemes from 1 December. After an exchange of letters, Amey agreed to meet with national representatives after the change had gone ahead to explain what went wrong. They confirmed that members’ contributions and benefits will not change and apologised for failing to consult as required by our collective agreements because they wrongly believed they were not obliged to do so because they believe the changes are “a good thing”. We did not receive satisfactory explanations as to why staff in Bands A and B would have passively managed investments pension, while Bands C and above benefit from active management, with fund managers seeking high value returns on members’ investments. You can see the presentation we received at and a briefing for Reps at

Our position remains that all Amey employees should have access to a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme, such as the RPS (Railways Pension Scheme), with a properly constituted pension committee giving members a democratic voice over how your investments and conditions are managed.

Negotiating CEFA Job Descriptions

Amey have been proposing to split ADMs into Resource Managers and Programme Managers since last summer. Consultation through our Reps will begin soon, ensuring that a consistent process will be applied across all routes, with members having a say on the Job Descriptions, roles and responsibilities before implementation. This should reduce the confusion and uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Amey intend to consult revised job descriptions across CEFA/consulting. We are awaiting proposed drafts which we will be able to share with members in affected posts before responding to management. Encourage your colleagues to join our union now to have a say in shaping Amey’s demands of staff in every role.

Steady progress on Contractors, Handhelds and Close Calls!

In areas where our members are well organised with trained elected Reps we continue to make progress by degrees, holding management to account. We are working to reduce the use of contract labour in favour of direct employees, ensure that proper risk assessments and consultation ensure that new technology is safe and fit for purpose, and that close calls are investigated and resolved with our cooperation. We have a long way to go across the company and need your help to get there. If you will get involved to make a real difference for your colleagues contact a TSSA Rep or email and ask for a Union Rep nomination form.

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