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Amey January Pay And Holiday Pay Update

30 January 2018

Amey have formally responded to our claim for improvements to pay and conditions from March 1 as determined by TSSA members in our autumn 2017 survey.

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Our democratic mandate

For a recap of how a survey of TSSA members formed the basis of our claim for improvements to pay and conditions in 2018, see

Our survey responses gave us a strong mandate to seek guaranteed job security and an increase to basic pay and allowances above inflation, using RPI (Retail Prices Index) as an indicator. RPI is currently 4.1% (December 2017 figure). January RPI, the usual reference figure for the 1 March pay anniversary, will be published on 13 February 2018.

2% first offer: a pay cut in real terms

TSSA representatives met management on 23 January to receive a response to our claim. We were offered 2% with a minimum increase of £500 (applicable to those earning under £25,000).

The headline pay offer is identical to the agreed year one increase in a three-year deal in 2015, when RPI was 1.1%. The rate of increase in members’ living costs has almost quadrupled, making the latest offer 2.1% short of inflation, compared with RPI plus 0.9% in the accepted 2015 deal.

In the context of Amey’s failure to meet any of the elements of our claim in full (details below) and our strong mandate to have a material improvement in members’ standards of living, we advised management that we are unable to give our members a recommendation to accept this offer.

Further talks

Recognising our position, management have already arranged a further meeting in late February. We expect to see details of an increased offer that we will be able to put to members.

Amey responses to the other elements of our claim

TSSA claim

Amey offer

No compulsory redundancies for the duration of any pay deal

No compulsory redundancies until August 2018

Comprehensive analysis of pay systems, grading structures, recruitment and selection

CEFA/CAFA only, look at inconsistencies, reward competencies and greater transparency in engineering community

Improved access to defined benefit pensions (e.g. RPS)

No improvement beyond statutory requirements

Reduction in working week to 35 hours

c170 electrification staff work 40 hours. Wait until end of GWEP then reduce remaining c50 staff to 37.5 hours

Increase basic annual leave by one day


Review flexible working and family friendly policies e.g. increase paid parental leave

No budget set, enter into talks to improve policies

Negotiated minimum T&Cs

Subject to discussion

Improvements to travel facilities

No (although existing agreement for parity with other infrastructure employers e.g. NR if facilities agreed)

Extension to collective bargaining



Some progress towards a lawful holiday pay policy

An ongoing TSSA holiday pay campaign that involved some members bringing legal claims against the company, is starting to succeed. For the last year the Board of Directors have blocked Amey Rail managers from negotiating improvements to end the unlawful practice of refusing to include overtime payments in holiday pay calculations. Our negotiating team met on 23 January to hear an initial proposal to improve on the position previously communicated by the company. This seemed to fall short of our expectations. We hope to improve the position through negotiation and will share details of proposals with members once we have them in writing.

Get involved

TSSA members will receive details of the forthcoming offers on improvements to pay and conditions and will have a say on whether Amey’s offer is acceptable. If you have colleagues who aren’t in a recognised union, please encourage them to join online and help us to negotiate the best deal for our members:


To find out more or to get involved, visit

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