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Amey: Latest on Talks

12 October 2012

Update from latest Pay Talks. Unfortunately TSSA is currently unable to recommend acceptance of the pay deal to members as there are still issues to be clarified and resolved we have delayed communicating with you in the hope that we could provide some more positive news but issues still remain.


What is happening?

We met with the company on 2 October 2012 and left the meeting thinking that we had resolved many of the issues and clarified and outline of a deal that we felt could be recommended to members with a referendum ballot.

Unfortunately upon receiving the offer in writing some issues were still apparent, your negotiation team worked on resolving the gaps in the written offer and sought to clarify areas that were still unclear.

The company had given us a deadline of 15 October 2012 as this was when the pay roll cut off was due for the pay at the end of October, we had hoped that this would leave us enough time to resolve the issues of concern to reps and members but unfortunately things have dragged on till now. Whilst we have made progress on many issues around the headline pay and widening collective bargaining within Amey Inter Urban TSSA had also raised the issue of Bands A-C’s within Amey Consulting and inter urban working within roles that work alongside and support Rail functions that are still not collectively bargained, we also raised concerns around some Trainees and Apprentices who appear not to have clarity on their pay and Incremental rises. This also lead to us seeking assurances that those pay rates would raise in line with the headline pay increases.

Whilst we have now received clear guidelines on the Pay Structures for these groups we feel it would be unwise to progress to recommending the deal until we have clarity that the groups we have discussed within Consulting have collective bargaining widened and we also have 100% agreement that the Trainees & Apprentices who have had collective bargaining since the beginning of 2012 will have both their current rates and the incremental rises increased in line with the pay agreement.

We realise that not all members will be affected by these specific issues but we feel that there is a principal here and if we do not tie up the loose ends now then they will unravel later on.

Again we thank you for your patience and we will continue to seek resolution to these issues and update you when we have something tangible to report.

Trainee’s and apprentices

We are concerned that we are now hearing of more reports from the trainee/apprentice groups that are not receiving the pay they expected when meeting certain points in their training and/or when fully qualified. If you fall into this group we need to know, equally if you have questions we will do our best to answer them or resolve any issues that you may have. Please contact us here:



A member has informed us that some of you have not received the last circular. We can only apologise for this and were only made aware on Friday 12 October 2012 that this was the case. It may be that those with Amey email addresses on file have been blocked or not delivered for some reason and so if in any doubt it is always best to check the Amey company page on the TSSA website or speak to your local rep if unsure. To be clear the last circular clarified that we had cancelled the proposed strike action in order to allow the pay talks to continue we still do have a mandate to carry out industrial action until 30 October as long as we give the company at least 7 days’ notice and your representatives will be in discussion about whether it is wise to keep this as an option going forward.

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