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Amey: Pay and collective bargaining talks

8 July 2011

Update on Pay and collective bargaining talks. We need collective strength and growth in membership more than ever!

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Over the last few days talks have continued both face to face and over the phone with the company. On 6 July the face to face talks consisted of 2 elements, Pay talks and separate talks on collective bargaining with ACAS involved.

Whilst talks with ACAS have proved positive and there are further dates in the diary next week we need more information from the company to ensure that talks progress in a meaningful way.

In talks on pay both trade unions made representations for the extra 0.5% offered to staff in the Joint venture group to be widened out to all within Amey to ensure parity. The company decided to take this off the table and replace this element with what they are calling an ‘underpin’.

The ‘underpin’ proposed for those staff who fail to have an increase of £700 in pay after the 1% increase in January and 1.5% increase in April the company will top up that amount to £700. This is the only further change to the offer we will be seeking clarity on whether there is anymore scope for movement from the company in further talks. Our position is and always has been that other pay deals in the sector should be considered and as Colas offered 4% over 2 years then so should Amey. Don’t forget the 20% Bonuses to senior managers!

Concentrate Minds

Whilst talks continue there are still no firm assurances that an agreement can be reached and until that time it would be foolish for us to let our mandate for Industrial Action slip.

As such today TSSA has issued notice of industrial action as follows:

In Amey Consulting this will consist of discontinuous strike action commencing from 2pm on Friday 15 July 2011 and ending at 11am on Monday 18 July 2011. There will also be a continuous overtime ban and a continuous withdrawal of on call duties from 2pm on Friday 15 July 2011.

In Amey Inter Urban there will be a continuous overtime ban starting from 2pm on Friday 15 July 2011.

What Next?

Whilst talks continue we must still prepare for the potential strike action in case we do not secure a good enough deal for members.

Things you need to consider:

  • There is no requirement for you to tell your manager if you are planning to work or not on and after 15 July
  • Your reps can advise what you can do to assist
  • Please keep reading circulars and information sent out by TSSA
  • Please encourage colleagues to join the union
  • We need to stand together and stand strong we are fighting for YOU!

There will be more updates in the near future as talks proceed so we will keep you posted.

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