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Amey: Pay Claim 2012 - Amey delays talks

30 March 2012

An update for Amey Members on Pay Talks

Thanks to all of you who completed the TSSA pay survey and helped us to shape our pay claim based on your feedback. Without members willing to tell us their views and become workplace representatives, health & safety reps or learning reps then our ability to understand and negotiate on your behalf is hampered, so thank you for getting involved and having a say. If you wish to see a copy of the claim then please contact your local TSSA representative.

Since the beginning of March we have been preparing for a pay negotiating meeting scheduled for 29 March. This scheduled meeting would have included TSSA, RMT, and company representatives from Consulting and Inter Urban. However we’ve been advised this meeting will now be rescheduled for a date after the pay anniversary date of 1 April. The company has also made it quite clear that within Amey Inter Urban they wish to divide the collective bargaining process so that they deal with specific groups of staff with only RMT and other groups of staff only with TSSA. This is classic divide and rule tactics. We are seeking an extension to collective bargaining within Inter Urban, and those talks are on-going. However, even when that issue is resolved we would expect ‘single table’ bargaining, rather than a process where the two trade unions are ‘played off’ against each other.

TSSA has written to the company outlining our concern regarding both the delay and the company’s intention to divide the pay talks

By delaying pay talks the company are undermining the good work that has been done to improve industrial relations within the Amey Group.

Let’s get organised

If we want to persuade the company to treat us with more respect then we need to get organised. If you can spend some time to become part of an organising committee in your area to bring members and other staff together regardless of whether you work in Amey Inter Urban or Amey Consulting to further our common causes then please contact your local rep or Alan Valentine via email or phone me at 07775912829.

If you have colleagues who want their opinions known but aren’t members then please encourage them to join and have their say. They can do this online at:

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