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Amey: Pay Claim 2015

31 October 2014

Pay meetings with Amey are scheduled in December with your representatives planning to meet on 20 November to formulate the TSSA pay claim. Please assist us by completing our pay survey and telling your reps what your priorities are:

Pay Survey

2014 has seen a lot of change with a multiple of TUPE transfers as a result of Network rails Control Period 5 (CP5). For the benefit of those new to how TSSA operates within Amey each year your representatives run a Pay survey in advance of formulating our Pay claim which we present to the company in advance of pay talks.

Your representatives will be sitting down on 20 November to run over your priorities for our upcoming pay talks. Therefore it is important that you let them know both through our survey (link below) and by contacting them what you feel is important to prioritise in our talks so that we can seek to secure a deal which meets your aspirations.

You can complete the survey online by using the following link:

To assist us please spend just 5 minutes to complete this survey and do so by no later than 18 November so that we can formulate a claim to the company that fits your needs. Whilst you are at it please share this survey with a non-member and encourage them to join us online at (this will help add to our collective strength in negotiations).

If you are interested in becoming more active within TSSA and helping out your fellow colleagues we are actively seeking:

* TUPE representatives within the High Output track renewals contract

* Health & Safety and Local representatives within Amey Sersa, projects and LNE within Amey consulting rail

* Union learning reps across the company

If you are interested in finding out more or would be interested in becoming a workplace contact then please contact Alan Valentine by clicking here 

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