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Amey: Pay Referendum Outcome

12 November 2012

Announcement of TSSA pay referendum ballot



Overall 100 people cast votes with the following outcome:

Voted to accept = 85

Voted to reject = 2

Void votes = 13

As a result there were 87 valid votes of which 98% were in favour of accepting the offer.

Void votes were a mixture of duplicate voting, not enough information provided to clarify membership status or non-members attempting to vote. There is obviously a desire to have a voice in the collective bargaining process but potentially there are those new to collective bargaining that need to be reminded that to make it work effectively and to have a voice they need to join a Trade union and be active within it.

What happens next

We have written to Amey to advise that we are accepting the pay offer and as a result they will be arranging for payments to be made in your next pay packet.

For anyone who did vote but isn’t a TSSA member then next time the results may be closer, the only way to have your say and be counted is by joining at

Please also remember that within Amey Consulting Rail Representatives elections are in process and the nomination period will start on 26 November 2012. The more representatives that we have the better your voice will be heard so please consider standing forward to become a TSSA rep. Details of the process can be found at:

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