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Amey: Pay talks 2011

15 June 2011

The latest position on pay negotiations.

Members will be keen to know the latest position on pay negotiations.


Following on from the successful industrial action ballot we have met with the company to discuss their Pay offer. As it stands the company has offered no increase in the pay offer for 2010 but have provided us an offer of 2% for 2011.

After consulting with your reps they felt that the offer simply wasn’t good enough especially given that over the 2-year period TSSA members would have drastic pay cuts in real terms compared to inflation (Retail Prices Index for May 2011 sat at 5.2%)

TSSA wrote to Amey advising them that their overall offer falls short of our expectations, so we have arranged to meet with the company on 21 June.

Mandate for industrial action

Whilst members have given us a mandate for industrial action we are attempting to achieve a negotiated settlement without the need to take action. However, if we fail to get an offer that could be acceptable to members then we may be forced to use this mandate and prepare for some form of industrial action to achieve an acceptable offer.

Due to the legal hurdles imposed on us we would have needed to take industrial action by the 22 June, however as we are still in negotiations with the company we have mutually agreed to a 2 week extension of this date whilst talks continue. Unless a further extension is agreed with the company then the latest we can take some form of action will be 6 July 2011.

What happens now

We will update you after the next meeting to advise how the negotiations are going. We realise that you have very been patient in this process but we need your help to assess what types of action you may be prepared to take should we need to take that step.

Please fill in our survey to tell us what you think we should do if Amey don’t give us a decent offer.

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