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Amey: Pay Talks 2015 - Update

21 July 2015

Update on further pay talks with Amey


Further meeting

Your representatives recently met with Amey to seek to amend the pay offer due to your rejection as outlined in our last circular. Unfortunately since advising the company of your response our sister Union, RMT accepted the pay offer. This made the talks difficult as Amey weren’t prepared to significantly alter the headline components of the deal. We raised concerns that the offer in general wasn’t high enough to accept a 3 year deal and didn’t give enough protection if inflation was high in the second and third years.

Company response

Amey weren’t prepared to increase the headline figures of the deal for the 3 years although they were prepared to leave the door open for further talks should inflation be above 2% for January 2017, as this would be the point where a cap would kick in due to it being an RPI (Retail prices index)+1% deal with a maximum of 3%. They have agreed that if RPI is higher than 2% then we can meet before the end of February 2017 to seek to renegotiate but with assurances that the final pay offered for 2017 will not be any lower than in the original deal. They were also willing to discuss some additional topics that we raised such as:

Our concerns over the introduction of Safe Work leader and the additional workloads and responsibilities and safety implications that this will bring. As a result Amey gave a commitment to review requirements of Safe Work Leader roles and responsibilities jointly with RMT and TSSA.

Concerns in Track (Amey Sersa) where many issues appear to be unresolved, they also gave further details on those on Babcock Executive management grades that are in roles comparable with Amey bands A-C roles that will be included within the collective bargaining group and therefore receive this pay offer. Amey have clarified that they are committed to working across all rail businesses to improve further industrial relations, including the newly formed AmeySersa business and want to work together with the RMT and TSSA to foster stronger working relationships between the Company and unions.

There are a small number of employees who had their annual leave entitlement reduced in early 2000 to take the option of a company car. Amey will review the terms and conditions around the agreement for this group with the unions. No-one will receive a reduction in entitlement as a result of this review. The full details of the pay offer are available by clicking here

Your representatives recommendation

Your representatives have had a difficult time deciding whether to recommend the revised pay offer to you, firstly we believe that this is the best deal that we can get without having to take some form of industrial action. Therefore your reps have had to weigh up the pros and cons of taking action versus getting potential improvements to the deal. Balancing things up we believe that the best course of action is to recommend acceptance of this deal and continue to build on improving the industrial relations with Amey so as to get further improvements to your working lives via negotiations reserving the right to take industrial action as a last resort.

You will now have until 16:00 hours on Thursday 30th of July to tell us your views and vote on whether you wish to accept of reject this offer, please whatever you do make sure you vote so that we can respond accordingly to your collective wishes. You can vote by clicking on the following link:

Safe Work Leader (SWL) 1

Earlier in the year we managed to get agreement for staff working in CEFA/CAFA/OPI and Earthworks to receive a £50 COSS allowance in certain circumstances, as a result of our initial talks Amey have offered to pay this for SWL1 duties worked from 1 August 2015 within this group on an interim basis until we can sit down and agree the parameters for the a payment structure, they are also willing to enhance this to £55 per shift based on the same conditions as the COSS payments. Details of the original deal can be found by clicking here

Continue to grow our strength and influence

As always we need every member to help us grow our influence in order to benefit the collective good of staff, this means that we need members to step forward and represent their colleagues and also we need to continue to grow and increase our membership so that we are both more representative of the workforce and also have more strength within it. We need your help to

· Step forward to Fill reps vacancies

· Recruit new staff and non-members (

If you are interested in finding out how you can assist please contact our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673, non-members can join at the link above.

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