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Amey: Pay Talks 2015 – You Decide!

15 May 2015

Following our last communication on pay Amey have now tabled a Final offer. Following discussion with your workplace representatives we need you to vote on and have your say on how we respond. Your representatives are recommending for you to reject the offer and give us a strong mandate to run an industrial action ballot by voting Yes, Yes and Yes!


Final Offer

As we previously advised you Amey were not prepared to consider a single year deal and tabled a 3 year deal as follows:

Year 1: 2%, with an underpin of £500

Year 2: January 2016’s RPI plus 1% to a maximum of 3%, underpin £500

Year 3: January 2017’s RPI plus 1% to a maximum of 3%, underpin £500

This offer means that in the first year whilst this will be above inflation (January 2015’s retail price index or RPI figure was 1.1%) years 2 and 3 could be below inflation because of the maximum figure of 3% however members would be guaranteed the greater of 1% or £500 in those years.

The percentage increases would also be applied to London Allowance, Lodging Allowance, Test Section Mobility Clause, On Call, SCMI as per the 2008 deal.

Amey have offered some additional items for some small numbers of staff in different groups which we would ask that you read over by clicking here.

Your representatives recommendation

Whilst the first year of the offer is an above inflation pay increase your reps did not feel that it was enough to compensate members for being tied into a 3 year pay offer with no ability to negotiate in later years, especially as those outside of the collective group will be paid from a pay pot of 2% which may allow some to receive more than 2% and they will not be tied into any additional years.

The Cap of a maximum 3% pay rise in years 2 and 3 was seen as too restrictive despite us not having a crystal ball, some predictions on RPI inflation see it rising above 3% by the summer of 2016 and therefore the ‘RPI+1’ element of the offer could be made meaningless by the cap.

The reps also considered the information that you provided on the original pay survey where over 28% of you told us that you wanted an RPI+ offer with 25% asking for a 3-4% pay offer over 23% asking for 2-3% and less than 2% asking for 1-2% . 75% of you would only consider a multiyear deal dependant on the offer and when we asked what that would entail, 70% of you wanted the assurance of an RPI based pay deal with minimum percentage, over 66% wanted some form of job security for a multiyear deal, 43% wanted improvements to supplementary allowances and over 41% wanted and increase to annual leave entitlement, 38% said to widen collective bargaining for all below Executive and director level and over 26% wanted a reduction in hours. We believe that in the round the offer falls short of many of your aspirations especially as in previous years you have received below inflation pay increases. Fundamentally there is a question about whether your opinions matter to Amey or whether you are happy to be ignored.

Therefore your representatives are recommending that you reject the pay offer and give us a strong mandate for industrial action by voting Yes, Yes and Yes!


Whatever your decision we need as many members as possible to vote in this referendum. Many of you will have seen recent press about further attacks on trade unions ability to take industrial action and it will become increasingly important for members to use their right to vote and play a part within TSSA if those changes happen to the law so make sure you use your democratic right to have a say and tell us what you want us to do next.

You can complete our indicative referendum at the following online link:

The referendum will close on Friday, 6 June at 12 Noon

We need your help

We always need you to keep your records with TSSA up to date but as we may be planning to run an industrial action ballot after this referendum closes we need you to help us prepare by updating your membership details.

You can do this online at by registering or logging onto your TSSA membership record and updating your home address, contact details Job title and workplace. Alternatively you can contact our member’s helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 to do this too.

Please speak to your colleagues and encourage them to vote and if they aren’t a TSSA member then encourage them to join us at

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