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Amey: Pay talks update 2015

16 April 2015

Thanks to all those members who completed our pay survey which assisted in us formulating a pay claim that we submitted to Amey in December 2014. This communication is to update members on the talks that have been taking place since 22 of January.


Progress at talks

So far we have had 4 meetings with the company on pay although no offer was tabled at the first meeting. We are conscious that members want to know the progress of talks as the reps have been receiving many questions. Whilst we still don’t believe the offers reflect what you deserve we felt it necessary to give you an update on progress so far.

Whilst we have been pushing for a single year deal that recognises and compensates members for the lower than inflation pay deals of past years Amey have made it clear that they only wanted to explore a 3 year multi-year pay deal which thus far hasn’t been meeting our aspirations. Early on they also stated that they wouldn’t be prepared to consider enhancements to the Amey group personal pension for rail employees despite TSSA entering this into the pay claim.

As with all pay talks the items that we raise and the position that the company come from can be very different and so thus far there has been a divide between our aspirations and the companies offers. Our hope following our latest meeting on 15 April is that we will see improvements that will enable us to be happy tabling an offer to you. Therefore we want to wait until any counter offer is made available and discuss this with your representatives before putting this before you.

The company have confirmed their intention to pay the non-collectively bargained population from a pot of 2% and so as you can image our representations have been that in order to entice staff to accept a multi-year deal it would need to be robust over all the years for staff to accept it. We will update you once satisfied that the offer is good enough to put before you.

If you would like to view the pay claim that we submitted in December please click here to view it.

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