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Amey: Pay Update

3 May 2012

Update on pay talks.

 2012 Pay

Members will be interested in the progress of pay talks; in my last circular I outlined the company’s intention to hold separate talks with the TSSA and RMT despite both unions having pockets of members within the Rail population where we have joint collective bargaining rights. Since that update the company approached TSSA advising that they would offer us a date of 24 of April to sit down and talk and explained that they planned to meet separately with the RMT on 1 May.

Why they are not prepared to speak to both Unions?

We have yet to have an acceptable answer to this question and the only logical reason we can see is to attempt to divide the unions and thereby seek to conquer. Ultimately this cannot be for the benefit of our members or those covered by collective bargaining as if this is the intent then the company are seeking to weaken the bargaining power of the unions by splitting talks.

TSSA Response

As representatives from the RMT weren’t given the opportunity to be invited to the meeting on 24 April we have advised the company that we were prepared to meet on 1 May to discuss pay on a joint basis. The company made it clear this was not possible and so both unions have written to the company advising that we are seeking pay talks to start on a joint basis as soon as possible.

The company may now seek to further muddy the waters by sending out communications to staff slating the response of the unions but we hope that you can see that we have your best interests at heart and are seeking to move forward on this issue. We do not consider ourselves to be in dispute with the company at this present time but wish to proceed with pay talks in the same way that we have done in previous years and as we were prepared to do on 29 March. We hope to deal constructively with the company and move forward in a meaningful way and will keep you updated on progress made in the next few weeks. In the meantime our key strength is in our numbers so if you can encourage others to join TSSA this will help our cause, they can do this online at:

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