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Amey: Planned Industrial Action

7 September 2012

Following consultation with TSSA Representative and the RMT, Strike action planned in Amey Consulting and an Overtime Ban in Amey Inter Urban from 12 pm Friday 14 September till 12pm Monday 17 September.


Value and Respect

In a time when members are reporting that they are looking to leave Amey to find alternative work, You are clearly telling us that enough is enough through the mandate for industrial action that you have provided.

Can you truly say that Amey values and respects you when:

· They delayed talks for 4 months

· At every meeting they have failed to take on board your opinions and have not provided tangible improved changes to their offer, despite promising to do so.

· They seek to weaken your collective strength by paying you an inferior pay offer upfront before it is agreed.

· They collate league tables of your driving habits via Masternaught and display these for all to see.

· They say that they wish to have a target zero for safety and yet fail to assist you with working sensible hours, or bring temporary staff in place that aren’t given the required level of training to do the job.

· They offer some the temptation of one off payments to accept inferior terms and conditions and when challenged on this fail to respond to those affected within a reasonable time frame.

· They fail to deal with your issues, whether they be grievances or simple queries quickly, dragging their heels whenever they can in the hope that you give up and go away.


Is it wise to seek alternative employment with a potentially similar or worse employer when you could stay and make a stand and change the way you are treated within Amey?

You have an opportunity to be respected and valued if you stay but not if you leave and not if you fail to follow through the mandate that you have given.

What happens next

You’ve waited long enough to be given the respect that you deserve; it’s time Amey stop stringing you along and come to the table with something meaningful in a quick timeframe otherwise the action at 12pm Friday 14 September 2012 till Monday 12pm 17 September will go ahead, the choice is theirs:

Choose to value and respect you or choose to continue disregarding you.

To be clear there will be differences in the action taken within Amey Consulting and Amey Inter Urban due to the outcome of the industrial action ballots:

Strike action will take place in Amey Consulting at the times and dates above this includes not working: rostered shifts, normal working patterns, on call and any overtime during that period.

Within Amey interurban an overtime ban will take place on those dates and times above.

These actions will complement action that RMT are taking over that same weekend to have maximum impact on the company.

If you wish to assist with a picket line then these are likely to take place at the following locations:


Bristol – News and Media building





York Gateway 2

York Tanner Row

We need your assistance to man these picket lines and ensure that if action happens on Friday 14 September that it is effective and our message gets across to your employer.

If you want to assist manning a picket line, want to suggest another location to hold a picket line or have any questions then please speak to your rep or email

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