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Amey Rail TUPE transfer of High Output employees to Network Rail

19 March 2015

A final meeting was held with Amey Rail and Network Rail where TSSA endeavoured to clarify some outstanding issues.

We also used the opportunity to raise some further questions with the incoming employer – set out below are the responses given:

· The details on the procedures for collective bargaining in Network Rail will be discussed by the appropriate Network Rail trade union reps and Network Rail following the transfer.

· It was clarified that no Amey Rail OTM employees will be transferred as per this reorganisation.

· The Amey bonus scheme for 2015 will be not offered to the transferring employees but those that transfer will be invited to join the appropriate scheme to their grade.

· Those with a company car have been offered the car allowance or a car of a similar status. Where there is a work purpose vehicle a fuel card will be provided.

· Any agreement between Amey and the trade unions for the March 2015 pay award anniversary will be applied to the transferring High Output employees.

· No annual leave will be bought out by Amey so individuals should endeavour to take outstanding leave from the previous annual leave year that they may have carried forward.

· TSSA is still seeking information on the new and current pay dates to see if anyone may require an interest free loan due to timescales differing for pay dates.

· There will be a mobilisation week, where the bulk of the workforce will be stood down. During that week there will be inductions to Network Rail, briefings, exchanges of IT, phones and vehicles.

· TSSA will, of course, keep you informed of further information when received in the Measures letter from Network Rail.

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