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Amey: Referendum Ballot results

15 September 2011

TSSA members in Amey vote overwhelmingly to accept the Pay & Collective bargaining deal. This sees a very long drawn out but necessary dispute finally come to an end. Thanks to members who made sacrifices for the benefit of all.


Results of the ballot

Members were asked: “Do you accept the Company’s offer?”

The Voting breakdown is as follows:

Total votes cast – 120

Total Yes votes- 114

Total No votes- 6

Overall 95% voted in favour of accepting the offer therefore we will write to the company to formally notify them of TSSA’s acceptance of the offer. Currently the RMT union is balloting members on the offer, once this process is complete and depending on the outcome we will be clearer on when the backdated payments will be made to those currently covered by collective bargaining.

Winning Collective Bargaining

Your vote now enables us to move forward on widening Collective Bargaining first in Consulting, then Inter-Urban. The process that has been agreed allows us to both strengthen our position for those currently covered by Collective Bargaining and allow everyone else within bands A-C to benefit from negotiated pay rises. None of this could have been achieved without TSSA members sticking together and fighting for what is right and this will be the same for us achieving the levels of membership required to gain Bargaining rights for all bands A-C within Amey Consulting. Further work will also be needed for those within Amey Inter Urban.

We will need every TSSA member to speak to their colleagues and encourage them to join TSSA, in order for us to make all of your efforts and sacrifices over the last 18 months worthwhile. Winning collective bargaining will provide a sustainable platform with which to bargain in the future and prevent the erosion of our collective strength through the proliferation of personal contracts. It is in all of your interests to ensure that we are successful for the benefit of you all.

Benefits of Collective Bargaining

For those already covered by collective bargaining there are clear benefits to being bargained for with collective strength. Just in the last 18 months TSSA members standing together have achieved:

  • Improvements on original plans to Freeze pensionable pay for those within the Railway Pension scheme (RPS) amended to a cap that would only apply if individuals pay rose by more than the retail prices index + 1%
  • Retention of those ‘non protected’ members of the RPS within the scheme rather than being moved into a defined contribution scheme.
  • Reduced redundancies from original proposals made by the company in 2010
  • Between1-2% more pay for those within collective bargaining than out with for the pay year April 2010-11 (not including any benefit from the underpin)
  • Up to 1.5% more pay for those within collective bargaining than out with for the pay year April 2011-12 (not including any benefit from the underpin)
  • An additional 2% backdated to April 2010 for staff who used to work for Atkins and were transferred into the company in 2009 without a pay rise in that year. (this included some staff who used to work for Mouchel Parkman)

These are by no means small achievements and if you are currently within collective bargaining you have a vested interest in strengthening your position in the future. If you aren’t currently covered then you can also benefit by joining TSSA and strengthening our voice.

There are currently non members in both groups and we need your help in persuading them to join as we don’t currently have the 40% + 1 membership needed to widen out collective bargaining as it will benefit everyone if we achieve it.

How can I help

Over the coming months TSSA will be sending out communications, organising meetings and surgeries to come and speak to Amey staff. If you can play some part in:

  • encouraging non members to join
  • persuading people to attend our meetings/surgeries
  • staying behind after Team briefs to meet with us
  • look out for and read our communications
  • talk about the communications we send out to you colleagues
  • talk to your colleagues about the benefits of joining TSSA

If you want to know how you can help more then please email us at


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