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Amey Reorganisation of CEFA, OPI & Earthworks

30 June 2017

Amey have started to consult with our divisional representatives on proposals to reorganise CEFA, OPI and Earthworks.


Our reps are scheduled to meet management each week until any new organisation structure is implemented. At the first meeting on 29 July, we were successful in gaining several commitments to improve fairness and job security, with more detail to be provided as consultation continues.

Outline of proposals

Members in OPI and earthworks have faced confusion since management proposed to move staff from the routes to a national team in December last year but are yet to implement a new structure. Management have now confirmed that that, until consultation is concluded, affected staff continue to be managed by the routes. Following a “go live” date (to be confirmed) this summer, staff will be formally reorganised into a national team with reporting lines reflected in relevant job descriptions and organisation charts to eliminate any ambiguity. Both sides recognise that roles covered by collective bargaining cannot be reorganised with meaningful consultation with our representatives.

CEFA staff are proposed to be reorganised into 4 “regional sub-organisations” management have agreed to provide detailed explanations of how these will be structured and resourced. Our reps understand that this detail is subject to further consideration by management before sharing a formal proposal with us. Except for those who apply for new roles, members’ base locations, job descriptions and terms and conditions will not change.

Early agreements on job security and stability

Members have raised concerns that implementing a new structure may potentially impact on the safety of those working on the infrastructure. To address this, Reps will be involved in formal safety consultation, giving you an opportunity to raise any safety concerns associated with the new structure through your reps so that they can be resolved effectively.

Our reps have secured a commitment that no compulsory redundancies will result from this organisation change process.

Management will consult our reps on the criteria for any new roles, which will be subject to selection process, to ensure that these are fair and objective.

Structures and roles in the new organisation will be agreed nationally and not subject to local interpretation.

Expect further detail and communication in the coming weeks. For more information or to raise any concerns, please contact your TSSA representative or the helpdesk.

Please encourage any colleagues not already in our union to join TSSA online via so that they can be involved in the process of consultation. 

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