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Amey Spring Update: Pay and Conditions

8 March 2019

Your reps are working for you across Amey. Increasing pay, protecting jobs, and fighting for equality. Join us and help.

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Spring Update: Pay and Conditions

Your reps are working for you across Amey. Increasing pay, protecting jobs, and fighting for equality. Join us and help.
TSSA reps met with Amey Rail management on 6 February to present our members’ claim for improvements to terms and conditions due from the 1 March anniversary. The strength of our negotiating position comes from hundreds of members who took part in our pay claim survey to identify our priorities.

Amey management have cancelled two meetings planned for March to respond to our claim, citing the new Director’s diary commitments. Your pay is tied to the January RPI figure, which was 2.5%. Members' and reps' frustrations with the delays may impact on our position when members are asked to vote to accept or reject an offer when negotiations resume.

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Number Crunching

4.6% Fall in wage bill according to latest company accounts

4.7% Rise in highest paid Director's wage


Ferrovial plan to sell Amey

Since last year's announcement that Amey's parent company, Ferrovial, was looking at selling off its services division, including Amey, your reps have been working to ensure that jobs and conditions are protected in Amey Rail regardless of the new owner.

We have received written assurances that our union will be informed and consulted on any changes as they are known, giving our members and reps an opportunity to ensure that the necessary protections remain in place. Expect to hear more once a potential buyer is known

Progress on Homeworking Policy

Your reps have presented the key findings of our popular Amey homeworking survey to management as well as including an allowance to compensate members for costs and inconvenience associated with homeworking as part of the 2019 pay claim. The company agreed that we need to agree national working practices to support individuals. Look out for updates as talks continue

Number Crunching

67% Amey members whose work-life balance benefits from homeworking

24% Amey members who disrupt others in the house by homeworking

33% Struggle to separate work from personal life due to homeworking
(Amey TSSA 2018 homeworking survey)

Controversy as Amey demand proof of members' right to work in the UK

Your national reps sat down to be consulted on an Amey proposal to comply with legislation introduced in 2008 that requires employers to hold proof of all employees' legal right to work in the UK. Amey advised that a number of employees do not have documents on record that meet the required Home Office standard, whether because scans are poor quality or valid documents are not available. We saw a draft letter targeted at those staff requesting proof within seven days.

We raised concerns that writing three weeks before Brexit day to request  a document that had been required for eleven years was insensitive and may cause significant distress to those who may have difficulty complying or who are worried about their rights post Brexit.

In the context of the Windrush scandal and successful legal challenges to other aspects of the Home Office "hostile environment" policy we expected to overhaul the company plans until we were told that letters were already in the post so it was too late! If you receive a letter and you need support, contact your Rep or the Members' Helpdesk.

Celebrating International Women's Day

8 March marks International Women's Day, with global events taking place to mark the annual event. As this year's campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter, what better way to celebrate than to ensure that women in Amey are heard through our agreed democratic structures by becoming a TSSA union rep? For more information about why we need more women to get involved in our union visit

Number Crunching

12% UK average reported gender pay gap, based on median hourly pay

30% Amey gender pay gap

6 Reasons why we need your help to achieve gender equality in Amey:

New expenses policy on hold

Many members have shared concerns that a new expenses policy has been imposed without any consultation with your union. HR presented a recently revised document with reps which they suggested was a draft form until your reps advised that managers have already issued the policy to staff as "live" and published it on the company intranet.

After reps raised many unanswered questions and changes that would be required for the policy to be implemented it was agreed that until a revised version is consulted properly, Amey Rail staff will continue to operate under the previous arrangements. The principle remains that staff should not be out of pocket for incurring legitimate business expenses.

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