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Amey: talks and more talks!

13 July 2011

Talks have broken down due to Amey's intransigence: whilst TSSA's members have sought reason and sense, your patience has been rewarded with contempt and indifference.


Opening Gambit

Amey were warned at the outset of yesterdays talks that failure to move forward in negotiations, would result in international trade union pressure aimed at Ferrovial Group to live up to its Human Rights statements. The TSSA negotiating team stressed that this pressure would take place in advance of strike action planned for this coming Friday

Yet still the usual stance taken by Amey is that their workforce can wait and look forward to yet more talks! Isn’t 15-16 months enough?

Basically the outcome from Amey was, “Are they hungry? – Let them eat cake!” A highly plausible argument if you are the beneficiary of a 20% bonus.

Enough is Enough! No change = no more joint statements!

TSSA has always participated in dialogue with Amey on the basis of being reasonable and seeking a negotiated settlement to all issues that arise, this position has not changed and we are still open to talks yet we fail to see Amey doing enough to meet our members desires.

Through ACAS, we provided evidence of an agreement to provide collective bargaining within what was previously Owen Williams and now Amey Consulting Rail which includes staff that accepted harmonised Amey Personal contracts following the transfer.

TSSA also has proof of having sole negotiating rights for those that transferred into Amey consulting from the Design Team and E&P shortly after the Amey buyout, yet current members within those groups of staff remain outside of collective bargaining.

We welcome the fact that the company have now, after 2 years, agreed to honour bargaining agreements for those who transferred from Mouchel Parkman onto the CEFA contract. But many staff are still dining on scampi rather than lobster. This simply isn’t acceptable.

Amey are also still resisting extending bargaining rights for those in Amey Inter-Urban (Rail) where there are currently over 60% already covered by collective bargaining. They won’t even give you a vote on whether you want to be covered by Collective Bargaining. So much for democracy!

TSSA maintain that collective bargaining should be extended out to all employees both new and time-served. Are we not all equal in the eyes of the law?

This dispute could have been avoided if Amey had curbed their desire to cut costs at your expense, to short change those that they’ve failed to inform of their rights to collective bargaining. TSSA recommend anyone with a personal contract obtain a copy and seek advice from their local representative. You may have a case to progress to Employment Tribunal.

The Line in the sand is drawn

To paraphrase a popular book and well-known film franchise, Amey’s choices stand on a knife’s edge, falter but a little and they shall falter.

We can move forward on any and all issues if Amey are prepared to play their part in changing the current ethos of the company.

Amey have only begun to negotiate seriously after your efforts delivered a mandate for industrial action. It is sad times indeed when it takes so much effort just to create a dialogue.

Whilst TSSA has led the way in putting pressure on Amey in the form of proposed action, our sister union, RMT, is now following suit and currently balloting their members for action.

Amey’s attempts to divide the workforce and the unions will fail.

Looking to the future

Without some clear simple and meaningful concessions from Amey, on pay and on collective bargaining this dispute may not be resolved before we need to take action.

If Amey play fair and offer ways forward in working relationships for the future, making good on their assertions of being ‘fair’ on pay then there we can reach a settlement, but time is running out.

We call on all members (and non-members who choose to join up on or before Friday) to show solidarity, determination and strength to win this dispute.

Together we are stronger.

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