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Amey: Your 2014 Pay Claim

31 October 2013

Thank you to all members who spent the time assisting us in formulating your pay claim for 2014, remember only TSSA members will have a say in what your TSSA negotiating team finally accepts. Please ensure that the details that we hold for you are up to date so that you can fully participate.


Pay Survey results

We had a great response to our survey so much so that it looks like a number of non-members filled in our survey as well! This is to be welcomed as they obviously see the benefit in collectively negotiating on pay and terms and conditions and you have obviously been doing your bit to spread the word.

However we need to be clear that you need to be ‘in it to win it’ as non-members don’t have the ability to vote and decide on what pay offer we ultimately agree to. Therefore it is in both your and their best interest for them to add to our collective strength by joining today

In short you have made clear your priorities are for:

· A no strings pay deal -over 95% voted in favour

· Retail Prices Index (RPI) ‘+’ pay offer - over 70% voted for ranges that fitted within this category (Septembers RPI currently 3.2%)

· Willing to consider a multi-year deal but 62% would only consider depending on the offer and 60% would want a maximum of 2 years

· 61.8% stated that a multi-year deal would have to include an RPI based deal with a minimum percentage increase

· 55.5% stated that a multi-year deal would have to include assurances around Job Security i.e. a No compulsory redundancy agreement

Whilst the above is a summary of the key feedback a number of you gave us more general feedback what was worrying is that some issues that were raised should have been dealt with in the past i.e:

“On call allowance has been the same for the last seven years” yet this should have increased in line with pay increases since the 2008 pay agreement and this was clarified in the agreement struck in 2012.

“as a homeworker I have never received any monies for, heating, lighting electric ... and so on ... all desks / table / chairs have been provided by me. I do believe this is very unfair as it would cost Amey far more to put me in an office. This is an issue that has been going on for the length of the contract & I do see it being resolved as there is a good chance that we could be working for Network rail within 7 months.” Whilst the home worker allowance is contractual Amey should be assisting you with equipment to work from home under the Display screen equipment legislation.

Some related to the inequities of the pay rises that you have received with the wider industry:

“I have a friend who works for Invensys” ...”he got a 4% pay increase this year yet I only got 2.5% is Amey trying to encourage me to leave!”

“Amey have scrimped on pay rises for ages now, Network Rail have given good rises in recent years, so its not industry wide scrimping”

“We all work for Network rail indirectly so why don’t we get the same RPI + offers that they get, I’d like RPI + 0.5% for what I do”

“ Why hasn’t the company done what they said they would”…”and negotiated with TSSA for fair and equitable rates for all doing the same roles it’s disheartening to see the lack of importance Amey puts on us”.

Your Pay Claim

Your representatives have met to discuss your responses and decided that your claim should comprise of a request for a 1 year no strings deal based on RPI+1% or 5% whichever is greater including allowances. This is because:

· Previous multi-year deal assured that Allowances would be standardised and resolved by March 2013 yet despite an avoidance of disputes meeting on 14 October no further progress has been made

· A supplementary request will be made asking for a goodwill gesture that all allowances received be increased by the 2.5% awarded for 2013 and backdated to 1 March 2013 as a good will gesture. This relates to the previous claim.

· Depending on how negotiations go we may consider a multi-year deal but only if the company is willing to demonstrate it’s goodwill and commitment to staff as above. This may include a commitment to discuss harmonisation of terms and conditions in the second year as long as this is not based on a race to the bottom and as long as talks start early in 2014.

A copy of the full claim will be published on our website in the near future:

Your help

We need your help, we still have representative’s vacancies in Consulting in the North West, North East, Midlands and Scotland, the more representatives we have with different backgrounds the better placed we are to adequately represent your needs and views please contact

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