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Amey: Pay Dispute

2 August 2012

Resounding rejection of the company’s stance on pay and collective bargaining TSSA members express desire to be balloted for industrial Action


Survey Response

Thanks to those of you who completed our survey, you are the life blood of the union and it is so important that we know your thoughts so that we can act appropriately. Here is a brief snapshot of the Survey results.

When asked if you rejected the 1.75% pay offer = 86% of respondents voted Yes

80% of respondents were prepared to be balloted for some form of Industrial action over pay and further widening of collective bargaining.

11 Members advised that despite being covered by Collective bargaining they had received a pay rise of less than that currently on offer to collectively bargained staff! – we will be contacting these members individually to advise them what to do next as the company clearly have their records wrong!

When asked in the last 6 months have you considered leaving Amey and working elsewhere? – 80% said ‘yes’. More worryingly out of those who answered ‘No’ additional comments made were:

“Morale is Low”,

“As I am an apprentice I would like to keep this job but I would like to work for a company which is more open with its staff, I welcome the chance to TUPE to another company”,

“just want to retire”,

“Career Railwayman – Only here for the BR Pension”,

 “ I haven’t been looking but not exactly happy with Amey”,

“ Serious considered give up all work and living on streets or working self-employed”.

TSSA are clear that these comments indicate substantial issues on how Amey treats their staff!

As a result of the survey results we will now be conducting an industrial action ballot but there are certain legal loopholes that we need to ensure are met and so we will be in contact with you regarding this in the near future. It is therefore important that your membership details are correct and that you inform us if you no longer work for Amey or that your details have changed from what we hold on file if they have changed please contact or members helpdesk on 0800 3282673

What is the point of Action? I may just as well leave Amey

Our survey above shows an overwhelming 80% of those that responded are either actively looking for work or would seriously consider another employer if one becomes available.

Amey actually own very little. Their wealth relies on the contracts they have and YOU, who work to fulfil Amey’s commitments. Without you their contracts are just paper destined for the re-cycle bin. So you are NOT unimportant. Every one of us is a vital cog in the machine. Each of us can hit the off button and the machine will stop.

Do we want to hit that STOP button? Of course not, it is in no one’s interest to do so. The TSSA and your Rep’s are committed to ensure Amey live up to their promises. Like the Olympic athletes who will win gold, we demand Amey earn the gold awards they claim to have won for ‘best employer’ and so on.

So if you are one of the many that are thinking of moving home ask yourselves this question. We are the ones that pay for the house. We are the ones that brought the furniture and invested time to make it look so good. Why would you walk away from all that effort without a fight?

Please ensure that when you get the opportunity to vote you make a stand

Pay Talks

Since our last communication about Amey’s Final offer, we have had an invite to a pay meeting 13 August. TSSA have had no information on the parameters of this meeting and whether it is likely to bring us any closer on achieving:

· A pay rise that achieves our members aspirations of at least 3.5%

· A widening of collective bargaining for all staff that work within the Rail element of Amey.

· Achieving parity and fairness for those that Work on call across the Rail Business

Whilst there is every potential that this meeting may bring an amendment in the offer it is equally likely that it may not, we believe that it is wise to continue with the ballot in order to keep the pressure on the company. We also suspect that the pay meeting will only offer partial concessions on our demands seeking to undermine our industrial action ballot so we must remain firm and stand together and not accept merely scraps from the table.

Don’t forget the 20% bonuses for Senior managers in 2010 which allowed them to receive around 4 times in 1 year than is currently on offer or has been received by you in the last 3 years.

2 more things that you can do

As always our ability to bargain on your behalf gets stronger with the number of members that we have, please encourage you colleagues within Rail who are not members to join and have a voice in any ballots or surveys that we conduct they can do this online at:

We have recently raised our concerns that Ameys pay structures may be unfair morally or even in some cases legally in terms of gender pay gaps, this of course may not be the case but we need information to see if that is the case please complete our anonymous survey on this issue which is open to all staff and will run in the long term until we gather sufficient data in order use for negotiations you can access this at the link below:

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