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"Appalling that disabled travellers still excluded from half Scotland's railway stations" - Cortes

18 December 2019

TSSA today astigated Abellio ScotRail after a Leonard Cheshire report revealed almost half Scotland’s railway stations are inaccessible to many disabled travellers.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said, “It is appalling that in the 21st century disabled travellers are still excluded from so many of Scotland’s train stations.

“Having step-free access at a train station can make the difference between a disabled person being able to take a new job, visit friends or afford to buy or rent somewhere suitable to live. It beggars belief that this has not been tackled sooner.

“Of course, having staff on train stations is also crucial for disabled passengers who need help, or ramps, getting on and off the train and we should not lose sight of problems Abellio created by laying off staff, closing ticket offices, and opening unstaffed stations.

“But the real blame lies with the Scottish government, who have allowed Abellio to get away with running ScotRail in a way that excludes the one million people in Scotland who identify as disabled.

“If Michael Matheson isn’t prepared to stand up for the disabled travellers in Scotland then he should do the decent thing and resign. Then maybe we can get a Transport Secretary who will bring ScotRail into public ownership where it can be run for people not for profit.”


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