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April fool alert

1 April 2016

TSSA Press Release April Fool Alert: Germany Take Over Northern Rail Services.

Rail passenger services in the north of England fall into the hands of the German government today (Friday 1 April).

"This is no April Fool's joke," says TSSA leader Manuel Cortes. "Rail journeys across the North of England really will be run by the German government from today.

"Arriva trains who take over the Northern Rail operating franchise today are a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany's nationalised Deutsche Bahn rail company.

"They've promised to expand and improve services for passengers and we will be holding them to those promises.

"But don't be fooled today into thinking Deutsche Bahn are in business in Britain for our benefit when their objective is to make profits out of British commuters so they can subsidise fares at home.

"Only when we have A People's Railway, envisaged by Labour and owned by and run in the interests of the British people will we have lower fares and a proper integrated network which will boost growth and stimulate a 21st century economy which properly empowers the north." 

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