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ARRIVA RAIL NORTH (NORTHERN): Initial Pay Offer Rejected

17 April 2019

 Your representatives, together with representatives from our sister unions, RMT and Unite, met with your employer to discuss the 2019 pay offer.

Despite commitments from all parties to the collective bargaining agreement, that pay talks would commence in good time and with a view to reaching an agreement in time for the pay anniversary date at the beginning of April, it is very disappointing to report that following this and a previous meeting with your employer we are no where near reaching any form of agreement for 2019.

Offer Falls Short of All Aspirations

The offer presented by Arriva Rail North is as follows;

1, a 1:8% increase to rates of Pay and Conditions of Service or a flat rate payment of £375:00 for the lowest paid within the company

2, The harmonisation of Maternity Benefits, in that the ex TPE staff will now receive the same entitlement as their counterparts within the ex-Northern Rail franchise:

39 weeks leave at full pay or 90% of their basic salary.

Paternity benefit to increase from the current two weeks up to three weeks at full pay.

3, To approach ATOC/RDG with regards to seeking travel arrangements in line with current Safeguarded employees.

This offer falls far short of our members expectations, is well below the current RPI figure of 2.5% and well below the 4% for the next four years that has been offered to drivers under the ‘New Deal for Drivers’.

As a result, your representatives, alongside representatives from RMT and Unite rejected the offer outright. The talks have now been adjourned until the 24th April, when we are hopeful that the company will return with a revised offer that is palatable to our members within Arriva Rail North.


Where’s ASLEF?

You will have noticed from the above that ASLEF were not present at yesterdays meeting. Despite been given assurances from the employer that they were openly invited to attend and take part in the meeting, and confirmation that they were still party to the overall collective bargaining arrangements, representatives from ASLEF decided not to attend. Having separately negotiated pay increases under the New Deal for Drivers, maybe they didn’t see the need? Especially as it would appear at this stage that any offer made to yourselves has to be balanced against the ever-spiralling costs of meeting the drivers demands. And this from a company that claims to have core values of equality, inclusivity and fair treatment for all!

As it stands at the moment TSSA, alongside RMT and Unite, have made it quite clear that we are not happy that the company has allowed ASLEF to break from the recognised collective bargaining arrangements.

The New Deal for Drivers offers a substantial pay increase for drivers, it also offers additional annual leave and reduction in the working week to 34 hours. All of these items were initially been discussed as part of the collective pay talks. You can draw your own conclusions, but it would appear to me that Northern are robbing your share of the pot to fund the drivers deal.


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