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ATW: Election – Local Management representative for North and Mid Wales

26 May 2016

The nomination period for the Local Management representative for North and Mid Wales seat has now ended. In light of the fact that we received more than one nomination form we are now required to run an election.

 Nomination period closed

Thank you to everyone who showed an in interest in standing to represent your fellow TSSA members; without workplace representatives who know and understand the challenges that your colleagues face we would not be able to ensure your best interests are represented within ATW.



Nomination received from

Election status

Management – North & Mid


Carol Hilton

Election to be run

Management – North & Mid


Gwynfor Williams

Election to be run



Current members whose contact details are up to date and correct within this constituency will receive separate election statements from the relevant 2 candidates and one voting paper to return by no later than 16 June 2016. These election packs will be sent out separate from this circular in the post. Members can only vote for one candidate otherwise their ballot paper will be rejected.

It may be that you or one of your colleagues need to tell us about a change of details, either to your/their name of employer, workplace, home address etc to ensure that you/they get a chance to vote in this election.

If you believe that your details need updating then in order to ensure that everyone within the constituency receives the relevant paperwork in time please contact us with any changes to details by no later than 1 June 2016 with the relevant details. You will need your TSSA membership number or national insurance number and can contact us via our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673, once the relevant changes have been made please request an election voting pack.

Only TSSA members within the relevant constituency will be able to vote so if you know of colleagues who are interested in joining to have a say in who represents them they can join us on and should do so before 30 May 2016. They will then need to contact our member’s helpdesk to request an election pack on the number above before 15:00 hours on 1 June 2016.

To be clear only TSSA members who join and have their membership details processed before 30 May 2016 will be eligible to vote and only if their postal address and other important details are correct and a voting pack is requested by 15:00 on 1 June 2016.

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