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ATW: Election Outcomes

2 June 2014

Elections have now closed for the TSSA position on the ATW Railway Pensions committee and Sandra Vaughan has been successfully elected, the results are below:


Chris Ball received 42% of the votes

Sandra Vaughan received 58% of the votes

The term of office for all of the below positions is for 3 years and our intention is to run elections before 1 April 2017 and align all TSSA rep elections to this date in future. Therefore any elections that happen between now and then will be on the basis that the term of office ends on 31 March 2017. This will allow us to have all reps positions filled for a new 3 year term well in advance of the next Franchise change over in 2018. An outline of all the positions recently advertised is at the bottom of this circular.

Other Reps positions

In my last circular I outlined a number of vacancies that needed filled despite the processes that were in place thankfully we have filled 3 out of the 7 vacant positions as outlined at the bottom of the circular but we still have the following important vacancies:

Local HQ Clerical reps x 1 - any location from HQ clerical grades

Local Stations clerical rep – 1 x Chester– from stations grades

Local Management rep – 1 x St Mary’s House & St David’s House – from Management grades in South Wales who don’t work in Canton or Control

Local Management Health & Safety rep – 1 x St David’s House and Control

To access the relevant nomination forms please click on the rep role above and a pop up window will open with the relevant form. 

If interested in these positions either complete a nomination from the links above before 27 June or email Alan Valentine by clicking here, after this date the positions will be filled an a first come first served basis.

Outcome of elections:

Below shows the positions filled in the last round of elections:

General Positions


Number of seats

Joint Safety Committee (JSC) rep:



JSC - North & Mid Wales

Peter Collenette (Elected unopposed)

JSC - South Wales

Douglas Fry (Elected unopposed)

Union Learning Representatives

(Open to all TSSA members)

Sandra Vaughan (Elected unopposed)

Michelle Thomas (Elected unopposed)

Pensions Committee

Sandra Vaughan

(Elected with 58% of vote)

Grade or Location specific


Local HQ Clerical Reps (x2)

John Haynes (Elected Unopposed)


1 Vacancy

Local Stations Clerical Reps



1 Vacancy


Peter Collenette (Elected unopposed)


Amanda Smith (Elected unopposed)

Mid Wales

1 Vacancy


Douglas Fry (Elected unopposed)

Local Management Grade reps


North and Mid Wales

Jonathan Hassall (elected unopposed)

Canton Depot & Control

Dean Fry (Elected unopposed)

St Mary’s House & St David’s House

1 Vacancy

Health & Safety Reps



Local Health & Safety Representatives - Stations:



Peter Collenette (Elected unopposed)


Lorna Elliot (Elected unopposed)


Douglas Fry (Elected unopposed)

Local Health & Safety Representatives - Management:


St Mary’s House

David Clark (Elected unopposed)

St David’s House and Control

1 Vacancy

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