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ATW: Fair Annual leave payments

28 July 2014

TSSA have been championing for you to get fair payment whilst taking annual leave. Back in January we wrote to members asking for you to complete a survey to help us find out if you are under paid whilst taking annual leave. We ae re-launching that survey and need you to help us to help you by completing it using this link:


Back in January we sent out a circular with details on employment tribunal case law which spelt out that our members may be getting under paid whilst they take Annual leave. If you receive additional payments for carrying out work that is intrinsically linked to your duties whilst at work, then you should also receive a commensurate amount whilst taking annual leave. More detail can be found on the circular by clicking here

One of the employment tribunal cases mentioned in that previous circular is being appealed and we are expecting that once a decision is made on the case that we will have a stronger footing at the end of July if a favourable decision is made. Therefore we need your help for us to help you.

How do I Help?

We need you to tell us how you are impacted and encourage your colleagues to do the same. This will enable us to form a strategy on how we proceed using that information. We have compiled a survey online for you to complete and we would hope that you can set aside some time to complete this in the coming days. Information gathered will be shared with our solicitors who are assisting us in this process.

Before completing the survey it would be useful for you to gather the following items:

· Payslips (ideally for a minimum of the last 12 weeks)

· Roster or some record of contractual and additional working hours (again for a minimum of the last 12 weeks)

· Contract of employment

· Details of your latest period of annual leave taken and the next holiday dates that you have planned.

Whilst it may take a little work to complete it is vital that we get this information to consider our next steps, otherwise you could be missing out on something that you are entitled to. You can access the slightly revamped survey by clicking the following link:

On top of this we would ask you to encourage your colleagues within the Stations, HQ Clerical and Management grades to complete this survey whether they are union members or not as the more responses we receive the more likely we are to be able to help everyone within those grades. Of course we would encourage you to ask non-members to join so that they have a voice in consultations and negotiations going forward and they can do this on line at

We will leave the survey active for some time but if you can try and complete it by noon Monday 4 August this would assist us in moving this issue forward.

Please be aware that we still have a Local Management representative role vacant covering St Mary’s and St David’s House so anyone interested in filling that role for the remainder of the term then please email Alan Valentine by clicking here

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