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ATW: Fair Annual Leave Payments

15 September 2016

Further to my last circular on this subject I am pleased to report that TSSA has now agreed the Company’s Proposal on Holiday Pay and Leave.


TSSA spearheaded a campaign on fair annual leave payments involving a series of discussions and legal proceedings which resulted in a proposal in March this year. TSSA spent a long time considering the proposal in detail and raised a number of queries with the Company which ultimately led to our agreement earlier this month.


The Company’s proposal can be obtained by clicking here (or by copying and pasting the following link http:// and management has confirmed that the payment will be issued in this month’s pay packet.We would like to thank all of you for your patience in this matter and appreciate that it has taken us a long time to reach this point. Whilst the proposal doesn’t meet our fullest expectations we none the less think that this represents the best deal that we could achieve in the current climate.

Please encourage non-members to have a voice and join which they can do online at

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