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ATW: Health & Safety Representatives

28 November 2012

Notification of Vacant Health & Safety positions and nomination period.

Vacant Reps positions

Notification of 2 Vacancies for Health & Safety (H&S) positions have arisen within the last week, these are as follows:

1 vacancy for H&S rep from Management grades in the North & Mid Wales

1 Vacancy for H&S rep based at Cardiff Queen Street station from Station grades

A big thanks should go to Kim Botton from Cardiff Queen street and David Wright from Chester for their hard work and efforts in their roles as H&S reps and I hope that members will also convey their appreciation direct.

What does it entail?

Being a Health & Safety representative both on and off the railways is a key role in ensuring that other members and colleagues are kept safe and that procedures are followed to ensure adequate measures are in place to reduce the risk of injury or even fatality.

Whether the workplace has high or low health & Safety risks issues can arise as a result of lack of intervention over a long or short period of time and it is so important to have people in the workplace who are accredited by the trade union to carry out Workplace inspections, investigate accidents and be willing to educate and communicate positive messages to colleagues on how to keep themselves safe. Training will be provided by TSSA and paid release to attend this and carry out your duties will be granted by ATW.

If you are willing to stand for one of these positions then please complete the attached nomination form and get 6 other TSSA members to nomination you as well. The nomination forms will need to be sent to Alan Valentine by 19 December 2012 and if more than one candidate stands for nomination for either vacancy then we will need to run elections in the New Year. If you have any queries or feel that there isn’t adequate representation in your area then please contact Alan Valentine on 07775912829.

H and S Rep nomination form

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