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ATW: HQ Clerical and Management grades 2014 Pay Claim

28 April 2014

Outcome of Pay Survey and formation of 2014 Pay Claim


2014 Pay Survey outcomes

Thank you for telling us your views on what this year’s pay deal should look like. We had a good response to our survey from Management and HQ clerical grades within ATW and received a lot of useful information to be able to formulate our pay claim for 2014. Some of the key questions we asked had the following responses:

What would you consider to be a fair rise?:

43.48% = 3-4% and 34.78% = Retail Prices Index + offer

To keep the negotiations simple and hopefully resolve them quicker do you want us to purely fight for a good wage rise (no strings Deal):

65.31% said Yes

Would you consider agreeing to a multi-year deal?

59.18% responded - maybe but depends on the offer

As you can imagine there was a whole host of things that people felt were priorities if we were to negotiate additional strings like: Job security, increased annual leave allocation, decreasing working hours, making shift allowances pensionable If you want to see an anonymised version of the general survey responses then please ask your local or company council representative. Your company council representatives and full time official have met to formulate our 2014 pay claim based on your responses and how your grades have been comparatively treated.

As many of you will know the majority of other grades entered into a 2 year pay deal last year which gave them an offer in 2013 of 3.5% and either RPI or 3% (whichever is greater) in 2014. Part of that agreement moved 0.4% from the second year to the first which meant that management and HQ clerical grades received 0.4% less last year in comparison as a result. Upon discussing the survey results with your representatives we believe that our initial stance should be to seek a 1 year no stings offer of 3.4% for 2014 with the potential of negotiating a multiyear deal if it appeared to meet member’s aspirations. A copy of the pay claim can be accessed online by clicking here

Our first Pay meeting is scheduled for 16 May and we will seek to keep you updated as the talk’s progress. You can also ask your company council representatives for an update and a list of the relevant representatives with contact details is at the end of this circular.

Having a say

Whilst some non-members have taken the time to complete our pay survey they will not have the ability to have a final say in whether we accept any pay offer that ATW tables in the future. As TSSA is the only trade union that has the right to bargain on behalf of Management and HQ Clerical grades within ATW, this means that only TSSA members will have a final say on what pay offer is finally accepted.

Please make sure that you support your representatives and your union by getting others to join and make our bargaining position stronger, both during these talks and for the future – they can join online today at:

Always consider what working for your employer would be like if TSSA didn’t exist to fight your corner and ensure that you help us increase our strength in numbers and ability to support, train and enable your workplace representatives to fight for what matters to you.

Together we bargain divided we beg!


Elected Representative


HQ Clerical

Cheryl O’Brien

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HQ Clerical

Clive Raison

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Management – North & Mid

Stephen Handley

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Management - Fleet

Malcolm Philips

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Management - South

Paul Jones

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