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ATW: HQ Clerical and Management grades 2014 Pay Referendum result

30 September 2014

Thank you to all of you who completed the recent referendum on this yearÂ’s pay offer which closed at Noon on 29 September 2014.


Pay Referendum results

Our last communication which can be found at outlined the scope of the offer and members voted to accept the offer as follows:

Accept = 66.67%

Reject = 33.33%

We will therefore be writing to ATW to advise of our acceptance of the offer and requesting information on when this will be paid but we are hopeful that there will be enough time to include the increases and the backdated pay with your next pay packet.

Concerns raised

A number of members have raised understandable concerns around the element of the offer around performance, we were aware that this addition from ATW at the last minute could have potential to be abused which is why we were keen to get reassurances from ATW around its inclusion.

We were reassured by ATW that there should be no change in the current process but your TSSA reps are aware of instances where the current procedure does not appear to be followed correctly.

We must stress to members that the various stages of any performance process should be 2 way and it is important to get it right from the beginning of the year. If at any point you are unhappy about how the process is going you should say so and ensure that your objections are noted in any paperwork relating to the process. If you don’t feel that your concerns are being taken on board then you should seek advice from your TSSA rep. Some key do’s and don’ts are as follows:



Prepare for your reviews – think in advance what objectives will help you and how you will collate evidence

Allow targets to be set which you know you cannot achieve i.e. because they are out of your direct control or don’t follow the SMART guidance (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time related)

Play an active role – this process is as much for you and your development as it is for the companies targets – If you are continually asking for training which is agreed but never happens then seek advice from your union rep

Allow the meetings to be forgotten about or not to take place- if you don’t have enough time to fit them in for you or someone that you manage then there is clearly a lack of resource. Be prepared to raise these concerns with your line manager and seek advice from your rep.

This pay deal didn’t resolve my group’s issues!

We sought to include elements and desires from across the area that we bargain for which is a diverse grouping. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to get the company to agree to some of those improvements within a pay deal.

Whilst we would like to wave a magic wand to resolve certain issues, sometimes there is a need to seek to deal with specific issues in a way that relies on the group affected taking charge of their own destiny, obviously this would be with the support of your TSSA representatives.

If you were one of the people who rejected the offer and feel that it leaves something unresolved which cannot wait 2 years to try and sort out then it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other avenues to pursue and seek improvements elsewhere. Obviously we won’t be able to change the headline pay offers but if there are issues specific to your group that you feel are too important to go unaddressed then you must speak to your rep and consider what options are available through the collective bargaining machinery.

To find out who your local representative is visit our website at and click on the link from 2 June 2014 - ‘Election Outcomes’

To find out who your company council representative is visit our website at and click on the link from 21 March – ‘ATW – Election results HQ Clerical and Management Company Council’

There are still some reps vacancies such as a Local HQ Clerical rep role (not location specific) and a local Management rep role covering St Mary’s and St David’s house including managers outside of Canton and Control but in the South of Wales. If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies for the remainder of the 3 year term then please contact Alan Valentine by clicking here 

If you know a non-trade union member who is a manager or in the HQ clerical grades please encourage them to build our collective strength by joining at

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