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ATW: HQ Clerical and Management grades 2016 pay referendum

16 June 2016

Circular detailing the final pay offer for recommendation to TSSA members and opportunity for you to vote in an online referendum. Please vote online at: by 30 June 2016.

 Final pay offer

We are delighted to report that we had a very positive meeting on Monday 13 June 2016 which resulted in a full and final offer from the company. Your reps conducted themselves in a very professional and dedicated manner which has resulted in what you asked for-an above RPI pay offer over two years which is a landmark result after only one pay negotiation meeting!

The final offer for you to consider is as follows:

Year 1 - effective date 1st July 2016

Basic rate increase of 2.0% or RPI (taken at May 2016) whichever is the greater

Year 2 – effective date 1st July 2017

Basic rate increase of RPI (as taken at May 2017) or fall back 2% whichever is the greater

We are keen to reassure you that both TSSA and the company listened to your views highlighted in the pay survey and we have tried to address your aspirations. To reflect this we successfully negotiated an alternative pay offer which includes an option for enhanced annual leave as follows:

Year 1 – 1.65% pay offer plus one annual leave day

Year 2 –Basic rate increase of RPI (as taken at May 2017) or fall back 2% (whichever is the greater) less 0.35% plus one annual leave day

Please note that the second option of additional annual leave will only be applied if the majority vote to accept it.

Once we negotiated the pay offer in respect of pay and the possibility of additional annual leave we spent a long time briefing the company on the non-pay related areas of the pay claim and successfully negotiated some important gains which are contained in the pay offer letter available by clicking here

TSSA recommendation

Your reps have done an amazing job in securing this deal for you and worked very hard to negotiate the best possible outcome. The company recognise and acknowledge that TSSA prides itself on a professional and thorough stance and have rewarded our members accordingly by presenting a generous offer which meets your aspirations of an above RPI offer for the next two years. In addition we have secured commitments from the company to work with us in a collaborative manner to try and address some of your wider ambitions to improve your working lives.

For these reasons we are putting this offer to you with a firm recommendation to accept and urge you to complete the online pay referendum which will run for the next few weeks and will close at noon on 30 June 2016 the day before your pay anniversary date! We believe that this is a real coup for our members and sincerely hope that future negotiations will be conducted in this manner!

Only those members who have had a fully processed membership application by close of play on 24 June 2016 and remain in membership will be eligible to vote, anyone not fitting this criteria will be removed from the vote which is why it will be necessary for us to confirm membership through name and post code. This information will be kept confidential and only the general anonymised results shared with Reps and ATW.

To vote please visit:

Please encourage your colleagues who are in the Managerial or HQ Clerical grades and who are not members of TSSA to join before the deadline so that they can vote. They can do this online via our website

If you have received this circular by post and want to receive future mailings via email or want to update any other details then please call our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or visit our website log in at the top of the web page clicking‘MY TSSA login’ register and then you will be able to update your details direct.

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