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ATW: HQ Clerical and Management grades 2016 pay referendum outcome

4 July 2016

Circular detailing the outcome of the 2016 HQ Clerical and Management grades pay referendum.

Referendum outcome

We would like to thank those of you who took the time to consider this year’s pay offer and completed the referendum.

Please note that the 2016 pay referendum for the HQ Clerical and Management grades has now closed and members voted to accept follows:

Accepted= 74%

Rejected= 20%

Incomplete= 6%

Of those who accepted 51% voted for Option 1 and 49% voted for Option 2

By way of reminder Option 1 is outlined below:

Year 1 - effective date 1st July 2016

Basic rate increase of 2.0% or RPI (taken at May 2016) whichever is the greater

Year 2 – effective date 1st July 2017

Basic rate increase of RPI (as taken at May 2017) or fall back 2% whichever is the greater

We have notified the Company and they have confirmed that due to the productive and speedy negotiations that this pay increase will be processed for the July pay run.

Please encourage your colleagues who are in the Managerial or HQ Clerical grades and who are not members of TSSA to join. They can do this online via our website at

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