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ATW HQ Clerical and Management grades 2018 Pay Claim

19 February 2018

Details of our claim for improvements to pay and conditions in ATW.

 Thanks to everyone who took part in our online survey!

You helped to produce our claim for improvements to pay and conditions, available below. Our reps will use this as the basis for negotiations with ATW.

Claim Summary

For full details, view the pay claim:

   ATW 2018 management and clerical pay claim

With effect from the pay anniversary date (1 July 2018) TSSA is seeking a substantial, fully pensionable, increase in the basic rates of pay and other allowances that will lead to a material improvement in the standard of living of our members, including addressing any problems of low pay within the organisation.

Survey results identified job security and pay increases linked to inflation as key priorities while members have given our negotiating team flexibility to negotiate a single or multiple year deal.

· Job security- members have expressed a desire for greater job security in the coming years. Therefore TSSA is requesting a no compulsory redundancy agreement till the end of the Franchise in 2018

· Pensionable pay-to include “bolt-ons” and all other relevant allowances

· Hours of work – some of our members continue to aspire to reducing their working week so that it recognises their need for work life balance

· Annual leave - our members aspire for an improved work life balance by increasing the current entitlement

· Travel facilities- our members are seeking improvements to their current entitlements

· Supplementary allowances-our members would like these to be enhanced financially

What's next?

We have lodged the claim with the company and we await an opportunity to present this formally when negotiations begin. Look out for updates as negotiations progress.

Any offer will be considered by TSSA reps before being shared with members, with a recommendation to accept or reject if appropriate. As a democratic, member-led trade union, members will ultimately determine whether a deal is accepted or what action to take in order to seek improvements to pay and conditions.

It's your pay, make sure you have your say!

If your colleagues are not already in a union, encourage them to join today to have a say on their pay and

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