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ATW: Management and HQ Clerical 2012 Pay

7 February 2012

Call for member's views on 2012 pay.

 2012 Pay Survey

Out of the grade groups that TSSA represents the only groups not part of a multiyear deal in 2012 are Management and HQ Clerical grades. As in past years we are writing to seek your views on our priorities for the 2012 pay negotiations to enable us to submit a Pay claim reflecting your aspirations.

Unlike previous years this survey will be conducted entirely online via this link.

Please encourage your colleagues who are TSSA members to complete the survey. If you have colleagues who want their opinions known but aren’t members then please encourage them to join and have their say. They can now do this online by clicking here.

Pay Talks

Your representatives know how important the pay talks will be for you, in an ever-uncertain financial climate you will want to ensure that your best interests are being looked after. This is why the reps have made it clear that they wanted early talks with the company to reduce the likelihood of talks running past the relevant anniversary dates. Whilst the company will be key to whether an early settlement is possible we’ve listened to your views and secured an initial meeting date with the company of 13 March 2012 to open up talks.

Please ensure that you complete the survey by 29 February 2012 so that we can formulate a pay claim in advance of this date.


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