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ATW Pensions Committee vacancy

9 May 2017

This circular is to invite TSSA members to nominate for the position of Member Appointee for the TSSA seat on the Arriva Trains Wales Pensions Committee.

Arriva Trains Wales employees are entitled to paid release to attend these meetings.

At these meetings, decisions are taken on investments, applications for certain pension benefits from individual members and overall management and administration of the scheme that is in the best interests of members and the pension scheme. Click here for a role description   Pensions Committee Job Description which provides more information on key responsibilities.

The Pension Administrators and TSSA offer a comprehensive training in which you will be entitled to paid release from duties to attend.

If you wish to stand for this position, please let us know by contacting Natalie Feeley, TSSA Organiser via email at no later than Friday 19 May 2017. You will need to complete the following:   ATW Pensions Nomination Form which will need to be supported by six signatures from fellow TSSA active pension scheme members.

Successful candidates will be notified as soon as practicable after the closing date. 

If we have more than one nominee, there will be a vote of TSSA members to decide who will take up this important role.

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