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ATW: Reps Vacancies

10 June 2015

We are writing to members to ask them to nominate themselves for positions that have now become available, namely 2 Union Learning representativesÂ’ positions with no fixed locations or grade and 1 Health & Safety representative based at St DavidÂ’s house for management grade which we have recently negotiated. We are taking this opportunity to remind members that there are local reps positions still vacant and details are shown in the table below.



Do you want to see real change in your workplace? Do you want to play a part in bringing about that change? Have you got what it takes to make a difference? Then get involved – become a TSSA rep! TSSA provides full training for these roles, for which the company will release you from your normal duties whilst paying your usual salary.

Some of the positions that are due for election are open to All TSSA members within ATW and some are Grade and/or location specific. Below is an outline of the positions that are now due for election. If you are interested in getting more involved with TSSA but you don’t think any of the below positions fit you then please email Alan Valentine by clicking here

General Positions


Number of seats

Union Learning Representatives (Open to all TSSA members)


Grade or Location specific Positions


Local Stations Clerical Representatives (open to TSSA members within the Stations Grades at the appropriate location)




Mid Wales


Local Management Grade representatives


St Mary’s House & St David’s House


There will need to be a degree of flexibility for the above representative, working in conjunction with Company council representatives to ensure Management members in other worksites have adequate representation.


Health & Safety Reps


Number of seats

Local Health & Safety Representatives - Management:


St David’s House


To be clear as we ran elections in 2014 the term of these positions will be aligned to the 3 year term during that election process, therefore once filled the term of office will end midway through 2017.


If you want to know more about what the role of a Representative entails then contact our member’s helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or visit our website at:

or for information on becoming a Union learning rep then please visit:

Nomination and Election period

To be eligible for nomination you must be a TSSA member, work within the relevant grade/location (if the role requires it) for no less than 6 months. You must also submit a fully completed nomination form with your details, signature confirming that you will abide by TSSA rules, and obtain nominations from 6 colleagues who are TSSA members within the relevant grade/location. Details of the nomination rules are contained on the nomination form itself.

To obtain a nomination form please click on the relevant link below:

 Valid nomination forms must be received by Alan Valentine and arrive before 12 Noon on Monday 29 June. This can either be by post; fax or a scanned copy of the completed form can be emailed to Alan Valentine by clicking here 

Please encourage non-members to have a voice and join which they can do online at

Outgoing reps

Thanks must go to Sandra Vaughan and Michelle Thomas who have decided to stand down as Union learning representatives for TSSA. They have done a lot of work on behalf of TSSA members and their colleagues and are continuing to represent members in other areas but their contribution is much appreciated

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