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ATW: Station grades 2015 Pay Survey

26 January 2015

Your views are important tell us what you want from the 2015 pay claim by noon on 20 February 2015.


2015 Pay Survey

As in past years we are writing to seek your views on our priorities for this year’s pay negotiations. This will enable us to formulate a Pay claim reflecting your aspirations. Without your input early on we cannot ensure that our negotiation stance will match with your wishes so please spend a little time completing our survey.

Please complete the survey online using the following link:

Please encourage your colleagues who are TSSA members to complete the survey or at the very least speak to your representative. If you have colleagues who want their opinions known but aren’t a member of any trade union then please encourage them to join online and have their say. They can now join online using the following link:

Pay Claim

Your representatives know how important the pay talks are for you, which is why we are asking for your feedback early. You may feel that there are outstanding issues that you wish to have addressed, or that the financial success of Arriva Trains Wales over the previous years (£15.9million in profits at the end of the 2013 financial year) means that your 2015 pay increase should be substantial. You may want us to consider our strategy in the run up to the Franchise ending in 3 year’s time? Either way please ensure that you complete the survey and tell us what you think is important.

Your representatives are seeking to submit the TSSA pay claim well in advance of the July Anniversary date and will also be looking to start pay talks early to give us the best chance of resolving talks in advance of that date.

Please ensure that you complete the survey by 20 February 2015 so that we can formulate a pay claim well in advance of the anniversary date.

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