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ATW: Stations 2013 Pay Talks

6 June 2013

Update from pay talks meeting and information from ATW’s accounts for year ending 2012: £18.5 million pre-tax profits, Dividend payments increased from £15 to £16 million and highest paid director now receiving £299,000 per annum (Increased by 48% over the last 3 years). Next meeting scheduled 3 July 2013.


Pay Talks

Since the initial meeting on 24 April your representatives have been seeking to meet again on pay unfortunately we had to wait until 4 June before this was arranged. Despite our claims having been submitted in April and the company having responded to some of our points at the last meeting we needed to go over our claim in detail to ensure that all of your requests were considered. The details of that claim were outlined in our previous circular which can be accessed via or to see the full submission then please request this from one of your TSSA representatives.

We advised that the offer of a no strings Retail Price Index (RPI) based pay increase didn’t meet members aspirations. Many of you had expressed a desire to receive something more substantial than RPI and given the desire to resolve other items in our claim we would be looking to see some movement over all before tabling any offer to our members. We advised that it would be desirable to resolve this over 1 year but if the company were to offer a multiyear deal then we would examine this to see if it suited our member’s needs. TSSA also asked for clarity on whether everyone had caught up with those who had been red circled as part of the previous Stations harmonisation agreement. Those members who had been red circled as part of harmonisation had been hardest hit by its introduction and wanted to see a higher pay award to reflect this.

Companies response

Despite having our pay claim since April the company advised that they would take away the points raised by TSSA and the other Unions and work to cost out the various elements of our claim as they believe that the claim should be based on Inflation less the costs of any additional elements or be met through productivity savings. We advised that we would be expecting them to recognise our members efforts and incorporate additional items into the claim.

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