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ATW: Stations 2013 Pay Talks and Refunds issue

22 August 2013

Brief update for member on the progress of Pay talks and an update on the proposals to introduce additional work for Booking Offices regarding refunds


Pay Talks

We met with the company to discuss pay on 9 August, unfortunately there was little progress made and we await further information from the company. We have requested a further meeting with all of the relevant representatives from all relevant grades and await the company’s response on this.

Refunds issue

As many of you will know ATW have sought to add additional duties onto those working in the Booking Offices which is something that has angered many members. Training was rolled out to staff without consultation with the trade unions and there was an expectation that staff would simply start performing these duties. Your company Council representatives met with the company last week to discuss these proposals further and suggested potential solutions such as re-grading Booking office staff, introducing more G3 grade supervisor roles to assist with the additional work or allowing individuals to work higher grade duties to assist with this work. The company were not happy about this and suggested that there could be a trial in Chester and Cardiff, the council was willing to take this information away and consider further and requested a further meeting with the company to discuss this further but Lynne Milligan has refused to meet. As such we have had to advise the company that if they continue with that stance we will be Failing to Agree and there will then have to be a meeting of the full time officers and company representatives to seek to resolve this issue, we await the companies response.

As always we will seek to resolve this issue through negotiation but we have to consider that this issue could escalate further which is why we need to show a strong and united front. In the weeks and months ahead we may need to demonstrate our strength and therefore we need as many staff in the Booking offices to join with us to take part in making a stand please speak to your colleagues who are not a member of a trade union and encourage them to join us which they can do online

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